The FIFA World Cup has had its fair share of unbelievable moments Some are a lot more shocking than others And since this is a 2018 World Cup season, I thought I’ll take a look at some of the most shocking and surprising Moments in FIFA World Cup history

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France in 1982 So one of the most violent World Cup injuries ever took place in Spain in 1982 in a semi-final match between West Germany and France So these two countries were level at 1-1 during the 58th minute when Francis Patrick? Pattinson was racing towards a German goal before German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher And let’s just say that the play didn’t end well for baton s’en as Schumacher Steamrolled into his body Pattinson was knocked out completely cold He lost three of his teeth He had damaged his vertebrae and he later slipped into a coma now for this Schumacher should have probably been thrown out of the game or arrested but the referee just Granted a free kick Okay moving on to 1962 we have France versus Kuwait the 1962 World Cup grabbed headlines during the group match between France and Kuwait the French were leading Kuwait through 2-1 When all of a sudden their opponents seemed to have stopped playing for a few seconds the French took advantage of the situation of course and then they scored another goal making it four to one and people have quite Protested argue the players heard a whistle which is why they stood still the president of quoits Football Association came down to the field and Protested that he would pull his players out if the goal stood because someone in the crowd must have blown a whistle The referee then disallowed the goal and the game went on but guess what the final score France Yeah, four to one So that didn’t really help anything Okay

So now let’s take a look at Croatia and Australia’s match in 2006 during the 2016 World Cup it became infamous for the referees ability to count during the 61st minute of the game English referee Graham Paul issued Joseph’s imminent of Croatia a yellow card But he forgot to write it down in his notebook submit received a second card in the 90th minute Meaning that he should have been removed from the game But he stayed put since nobody asked him to leave now the final whistles Imminent received another yellow card and the referee showed him a red card believing it was his second yellow card But none of the referees notice error and Paul took full blame after the 2-2 draw All right So another 2006 match Netherlands vs Portugal now what was so surprising about this round 16 match between Netherlands and Portugal Wasn’t the goal or the saves or anything like that, but it was the match referee Neither the Dutch or the Portuguese were known for playing dirty and yet the referee valentin ivanov of russia Handed out four red cards and sixteen yellow cards during the match I mean this guy went nuts and this is a World Cup record for the amount of cards being drawn in a game going back down now to 1962 we have Chile vs Italy This match was called the Battle of Santiago and Chile was a host nation of this World Cup why this match has gone down in history as one of the most shocking? moments in World Cup history is due to the fact that the game was Incredibly violent players were punched spat on and at one point in the game The police had actually come to export a player who refused to leave the field and people were calling this the most disgraceful Game of football at verne Okay, so half way now enter number five England versus West Germany in the 1966 World Cup what are the most abate incidents in the World Cup history took place during the 1966 final between hosts England and West Germany now Germans managed to tie the game to – During the last minute to force extra time and then after 11 minutes into extra time England’s Geoff Hurst seemed to have scored when his shot smash off the crossbar the ball then bounce downwards To the goal line and then back out into the field of play It happened so fast that it was virtually impossible to tell whether the ball crossed the goal line But eventually the decision was made to award England the goal and they took their first and only World Cup victory We got Germany in England again this time in 2010 Now this was another controversial moment in World Cup history and this was caused by a shot crossing the line when Germany and England got together in South Africa in 2010 this time, however, The outcome wasn’t in favour of England They’re straight-up proof that Frank Lampard’s long shot crossed the line But the referee Jorge Lawrie andhe of your great Refused to give the goal and instead of going into halftime tied 2-2 England had to stay aggressive in the second half Germany then scored twice in the last 22 minutes to win four to one Let’s look at the 2006 World Cup again with France versus Italy Now this game had gained notoriety for the French midfielder Zinedine Zidane’s infamous

Headbutt moment The game was level in extra time with 10 minutes ago when zinedine zidane drove his head Forcefully into the chest of Marco Materazzi It was later reported that Mata Roxy got sad and Agitated because he was making some lewd comments about his mother and sister So the dad had enough boom headbutt He of course was sent off for violent conduct and Italy went on to win 5-3 in a penalty shootout And this was a historical game not just for the headbutt, but it also marked Zinedine Zidane’s last football game now We got two more our second Last one is a 1986 World Cup, and this is Argentina and England the highlight of Diego Maradona is controversy filled life was the 1986 quarterfinal match between Argentina and England So six into the second half of the game, there was a major controversy Maradona went on a run and punched the ball into the net the English players screamed for a handball and everyone saw the Infringement except for the Tunisian referee the goal was given and came to be known as the hand of God Argentina wanted to match two to one and then went on to win the World Cup Yeah, and I have absolutely, no idea how the referee missed that now Colombia versus United States in the 1994 world cup is our final most controversial moment in World Cup history the Colombian defender andrés Escobar mistakenly scored an own goal in a group match against the United States giving the Americans a 2-1 victory the American victory called Colombia to be Eliminated after the group stage and this was a disappointing end for the team that expected to compete for the championship The match took place on June 22nd, but just over a week later 27 year-old Escobar was found shot dead and he was actually shot six times and he died in hospital 45 minutes later now This incident was one of the worst in the history of football Okay guys, so that ends this episode on the 10 most controversial and surprising moments in FIFA World Cup history

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