90 minutes

90 minutes 90 minutes sweat 90 minutes of pain All the hard work, all the sacrifices that you have done Everything ends in these 90 minutes

When you go out on the court, you spend 90 minutes, 90 minutes that will never come back These 90 minutes can determine your future, they can change your life, if you use them correctly Within this limited time you MUST try harder from the rest

You MUST give your best, that score if the chart is written You have to give all your is It does not matter what everyone says This sport is unpredictable One moment you feel that you are losing, and the next, you can win

Everyone wants to win, but one thing is for sure When you walk in the tunnel, when you go out on the court, knowing in your heart that there will be ONLY a winner, there will be ONLY a winner Why you will not accept anything else Go for victory or go home I’m not here to join

I’m here to win and just win I did not get so far to see the other team pick up the trophy I did not get so far to see the other team winning No one remembers the ending second No one remembers who gets the silver medal

The person who spends most of the time in training, the person who wants it most is what he will win This sport requires a strong body, but also a strong mindset Unless you are prepared spiritually, you will never be physically prepared You have to plan your mind for victory In this game counts only how much you want it

It has to do with the grass, it has to do with the heart The difference between winning and losing, is how far you are willing to reach Your hunger will be tested on the court Your desire to win will determine the outcome We continue to fight, even if the odds are against us

They do not know that we have such a heart the courage and the will to make things happen We will destroy anything that is blocking our way Why We Born To Win! We were born to dominate We may be outsiders

We may be the weakest team But one thing is for sure When we go out on the field, we fight

We fight for ourselves and we fight for each other You will never play the same game again in your life You will never have the same opportunity that you have today, in your life When you go out on the court, you go out to win To give it all in there

You keep pushing yourself, at its limits You keep pushing, when everyone has given it enough Champion is someone who continues to go, even if everything seems impossible Not everyone can become a champion But I know you have it in you

And you must, for yourself, know that you have it inside of you The next time you have 90 minutes, how are you going to execute them? It’s NOW or NEVER Show the world who you are Everything ends in these 90 minutes