Boys and girls, in today's episode, I'm going to show you five of the most basic soccer moves, that they can practice and learn, no matter how experienced they are in this sport Now, we've all seen professional footballers, and people on Instagram showing off some demented tricks, but before they can go on them like they have to learn first the bases, and let's hope that these five skills are the beginning Come on!! GIRO DE CRUYFF Number one is the "Giro de Cruyff", named like this GIRO DE CRUYFF by the legendary Johan Cruyff

In this movement, everything is about changing the direction When the ball is rolling towards the front, you start taking a step

forward of him, with your support foot Then, you bring your dominant foot to the ball, and you give it a little touch between your legs, with the inside part, and you finish the play, racking up behind him Make sure you keep your knees bent, and use your upper body for the turn,

to make the effect even more believable DRAGING BEHIND THE number two, is called unofficially DRIVE BACK the "Drag Back"

This is a great movement, CRANK BACK if you're stuck in a tight situation, CRASH BACK with the opponent directly in front of your face CRANK DOWN BACK When the ball is in front of you, start it by dragging it from behind, with the sole of your dominant foot And while the ball passes behind your support leg, you simply tap it at 90 °, with the inner part of the dominant foot, and run after it

It is a really effective play that can also be used to pass the ball to your teammates THE BICYCLE Number three is the classic "Bicycle" THE BICYCLE In most cases, this is the first move THE BICYCLE from hand to hand that everyone learns, THE BICYCLE and the purpose is to make your opponent believe that you are going to go to one side, before suddenly changing direction The movement is truly simple; use your non-dominant foot, to make a full circle around the ball, and just as you put SUBSCRIBE NOW

the foot back on the floor, give it a little touch SUBSCRIBE NOW in the opposite direction, with the external part SUBSCRIBE NOW of the dominant foot

Once again, the key here is to drop your shoulders, and use your upper body to make it look like you're headed in one direction, before leaving the defense confused THE ROLLED Number four is called unofficially THE ROLLED "La Rodada", and it's really one of the skills

LA RODADA more elementary, although effective, to be THE ROLLED in your repertoire This movement works better when the defender tries to attack the ball, and you simply roll it out of reach The general rule here is that if you are on the right side, in front of you, look for it with your right foot,

and vice versa, since first you have to approach the ball with the inside of your foot Again, it's not the most showy skill in the world, but you'd be surprised how many players professionals who rely on this very basic movement

TOUR WITH BIKE Number five is the "Giro con Bicicleta" TURN WITH BIKE Like the "Giro de Cruyff", it must be used TURN WITH BICYCLE

to change direction when the defense it's breathing in the back of your neck Start by balancing your dominant foot on the ball, before placing it

firmly on the floor, in front of him Then, use the same foot to tap it in the opposite direction, with the external part

Needless to say, it is absolutely crucial to bend the knees, and use the upper body as a way to give more effect to the play The "Giro con Bicicleta"

it looks cool, it's super elementary, and you might break some ankles with it, if you do it correctly Have fun practicing it! Well, hopefully you enjoyed the episode today; honestly, it is quite difficult to reduce all the elementary plays of football, just five tricks So if you want to learn more basic tricks, let me know in the comments section below, because we do read your comments, and we love taking suggestions of your ideas

Also, if these skills were very easy for you, do not worry, you can watch these two episodes, down here on your screen, and learn some more advanced soccer tricks And if you enjoyed it, and are new here, make sure subscribe to our Youtube channel, clicking on the green bubble in the corner

top left of the screen That's all for today, see you next time! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}