Today we are going to teach you five insane variations of the "Bicycle", which you simply have to learn CLASSIC BICYCLE Number five, the "Classic Bicycle",

which was invented, probably, by the Argentine attacker, Pedro Colomino, at the beginning of 1900 It's one of those old-school movements Approach the defense, and then, make the bicycle on the ball with your dominant foot,

swinging clockwise, from the inside out Do that also with the other foot, until the defense reacts, and you can get away Make sure you are always on tiptoes; just do not kick yourself, and this trick will do its job

EXTERNAL BICYCLE Number four, the "External Bicycle", which is a great movement, if you have the defender next to you, and you want to make him believe that you are going to drag the ball with you, and keep moving forward

So, what you are going to do here, is to make the "Bicycle" from outside inward, or in a counter-clockwise motion, if you want, so that the defense think that you are simply going to drag the ball with your dominant foot, but instead, you are going to take a step over him, to basically take him off balance From here, you can either, return the foot, and continue the inertia, or just take the ball with you, going back,

to surround the defender It does not matter that; From here on out, you will be known as "The Justice" RABONA WITH ROLL OF SOLE The number three, is the "Rabona with Rodada de Suela",

which is probably more famous when used by Neymar, but should not be confused with the "Chistera" What you do here, is that you take your dominant foot to make a small roll with the sole, crossing your body You step on the ball with your non-dominant foot, and then you make a move as of "Rabona"; but instead of just splicing the ball, just give it a little touch SUBSCRIBE NOW forward

SUBSCRIBE NOW Now, keep in mind that this trick is a bit difficult, so, you must be careful when using it in a game, unless you already have it well learned But if you can get it out

you will be a crafty BICYCLE IN REVERSE Number two: "Bicycles in Reverse" Here we are talking about movements to show off Now, it may not be the most useful trick to do in a match, but it looks cool, and if there is an opportunity to get it out, you should do it Yes, maybe it's kind of hard for you to turn your head to know how you're going, but you must train to get it done in a counter-clockwise motion, on the outside, jumping back, because, practically, you're going to be doing the trick without being able to to see the ball So, start by dragging the ball backwards, and then, perform that external-internal jump movement, backwards, so you can follow him If you take it out you'll give the defense a run over My favorite, number one: TOQUECITO FROM INSIDE OUT The "Toquecito de Dentro hacia Fuera" TOQUECITO DE INSIDE OUTSIDE Here you make a simple "Bicycle", with the opposite foot

next to the one you want to leave Let's say I want to go to the left; I use my right foot to make a normal "Bicycle" After that, I jump with my left foot, and I give a little touch to the ball with the inside, to the right foot, which I use to cross the defender touching the ball, and pass to the left It looks crazy, and it's pretty effective, so start practicing right now So, there you have it, guys; five essential skills of the "Bicycle", that simply, they should have in their repertoire And, as you can see, I made them a sixth right there, in fact If that is not service, I do not know what it is But what should we do in the next? You should let us know in the comments section, right down there And do not forget that, if you want to be updated, like me, with the package "Siempre Hacia Adelante", from Nike, on your feet, you can go for one right now, by clicking on the link, and going to wwwunisportstorecom, from there Also, if they want to learn some crazy Agüero skills, they can sting the playlist,

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