So here we are at the final of the europa league for the players eyes firmly fixed on lifting that trophy Led by the officials and the respective captains here come the stars Chelsey have elected to go 3 4 3 3 4 3 Peter means Attacking flexibility as the wing backs apply the width to allow two of the front three complete freedom So what are we to expect in this final Look we can only hope for a final that will be Free-flowing and to end them and highly entertaining But fear of defeat can often dominate emotions so don't be surprised if it gets nervy intense and the weighted Pasco bears Oh and they really should have been made to pay That's just front foot enforcement pressure leads to mistake leads the chance Atalanta certainly won't want to look back and and dwell on that it was a good chance though It has got good distance from that It's Petra big chance For Tico's Real chance to break he's left his ban loose cool tape He's making good use of his strength there just refuses to be out muscled And Loski to put that back And he's there to make a great save well that was high-class goalkeeping there to back up is is high-class wage Capers beat it away so what now gomez Golic That's all wicked Polaski tries a through ball it's toasty Now that was quite some safe Polaski turkey Kotik, well enough but it was never really good to trouble the people Doughnuts Our defense and the willingness to put his body on the line very impressive It's Polaski which strength to sulphurous opponent Turning down that right flank into the box Custer That sounds rude it is deadlocked Cost art Donna sound row Oh good interception It's Polaski talansky passes it through it's lifting a great lead Since just the wrong outcome Yeah he may have snatched it down a bit even though it was quite close And it's Gomes played out to the right It's in the back of the niche could that be the start of something big Looking back at that that's how you play on the counter quick and decisive and Rufus with the finish I thought it was a stunning study breakaway Big occasion the big goal Trucial lead while certainly the big occasion and a very big opening goal to boost everyone's confidence here Polaski And it's been taken straight back played out to the wing He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better than that just required a bit more oomph to reach its target He's made sure that that won't get through footage and it's Polaski Out to the left it goes It's like a good day through shoots Trait build-up it all deserved a better ending I Was such a clever past that flummoxed the defense and it could well be revisited this Fine defending that Comes out in twos with it Portage now the pass that helps a bit about out wide That's all for take Let's just slip it through petrol Strug touch There's the whistle first half of the final has flowed by there we are off they go for half time the breakthrough Did indeed come in the first half but there has only been that one goal it is very very title There's 45 minutes of the final gym Looking for you Chelsea are in desperate need of some character and inspiration and they need it now Laughs already were tubes here I think they've got to go out at the start of this second half now and set a tone that smacks of intent and determination should they manage it I think they could find the way back And it's Gomez looks like a football through its it in and a second time Could stop that what amazing or what can I say truly wonderful goalkeeping Oh He really wanted that yeah he's

Been at the center of a lot of things has a neat mostly good I should add Defense got the better of him this time but I'm sure he'll go again Goes wide now here's the frugal D'Allesandro It's got ever so, well, well as Tesco Peter the keeper has just received an A plus beta Aim blow and direct the sounds Oh check through Another piece of really good defending Sit forward Ditch Just sales past the upright Footage almost put aside ahead with a pretty fierce attempt he really spanked that It so nearly came off for him yeah and you can hear how the crowd are reacting to this too Louise That's not gonna make it Kurdish looks to thread it through Here's a corner Massively And you place it forward Well the stats are pretty telling Peter it's hard to argue with score line, when you carry so little threat Raucous alone so Close but it's being picked on here Well he could end up like a lost sheep Peter because they're trying to Shepherd him everywhere he doesn't want to go Nice to get it forward quickly And it's Gomez good challenge he just stood firm Daughter's control their tries a through ball Talansky now the toss Stand out wide Lovely feet he's poor options in the parks if he gets his head up and it's Marcus Alonso Oh surely Chelsey are actually displaying tremendous fighting spirit there's a real belief that they could still have a say Hospital dances it through Be a corner Chelsey are definitely not going down without a scrub their attitude just can't be faulted It's throat And it's Gomes now the pass That intervention was very necessary That's a throne If some activity Jerald the touch thing there's going to be a change well for me this was the obvious Substitution he'd become just a little jaded and as a result of that, he was most likely to make a mistake I think Sometimes when the body becomes tired the brain goes with it and I think that's happened in this case There is a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed but will they None of this a narrow lead but they are clinging on to it right now just a few moments from glory Oh, well intercepted really alerts the danger he's gone away it's gotta go Yes, we thought it was over it's all square once more You know thinking about that I think they've perfected that on the training ground because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front they really commit forward at Lucas to was all very well drilled Atalanta making consecutive changes here You have to admire his willingness to keep plugging away but the managers has done him a big favor I think by taking him off You know he was looking very very leggy So all square with almost no time remaining It's nice to stroke it through and the flag has stayed down Chooses to go back and the balls come out Aim blow interact Atalanta showing a good level of intensity at this stage they're calling on all their resources now It's broken loose We will square after 90 minutes there will be extra time well I don't think either manager can have any complaints really because nobody quite pushed for the winning goal and it always lacked that spark So to clarify extra time will follow Whistle goes we're off and running Chelsea displayed great resilience to find the lane equalizer that's got them here how can they go one better More than hi towards the flank now here's the frugal Atalanta chosen to bring all the last of their substitutes Cuts it out before it goes looking to break out here Marcus Alonso Cuspid spreads it towards the left going through that's our chance as our source of it It's to distance on it As put a quitter plays it forward needs to slip it through petrol looking to get on the end of this Or fished it away Deftly done neatly flicked on The shut song bitch would fool kindly a real chance missed it's a very watchable game isn't it Annie go from here could could, well be the winner Safety in numbers approach to defending here Yeah, but dropping teeth, can bring more trouble yeah Well shots from distance and space and wider positions besides the obvious issue of inviting most of your opposition piled the pitch We fit hi Cahill to get it forward quickly And that's it for the first half of extra time While there's plenty of potential for a final twist in this tale? I think there's bound to be some late drama the final 15 minutes of this epic And we're up and running so time for a bit of smash-and-grab Direct hospital blank Good ball through Petra to get on the end of this Diego Costa Well played he saw that coming Polaski Which to clip it forward? timely intervention Now the counter Up for a throat And it's Polaski who's Paul who's going to get there It's to think funny With the : is mercy a dreadful myth do I really need to tell you Peter that he has to do better especially from there For it goes Whoops it in gently Polaski Laidback in place it back They are right into activated Very, well to get to that the keeper really dug out his defense then a magnificent effort That's it oops it away diego costa Control of enemies on the move he's gone away And that is it no winner after two hours of football it is going to be penalties I can only applaud the sheer doggedness and tenacity on show in Watching both teams refusing to lose, I mean they both run, their socks off The referee has ended the second half of extra time all square Some weary legs out there so who has it left in them to take a penalty So the final acts of the final That's our first in line Oh no, joy off to a terrible start Oh that was extremely sloppy Whites in the corner I thought he did really well to hold his nerve then and score that penalty Chelsea trailing by one Now he hasn't scored Atalanta with this chance to pull to clear Keep has gone the wrong way to to the good Chelsea trailing by two now Always hit me up right and the keeper knew he was beaten so water bonus? Courtois obliged to stop this to keep them alive Oh Brilliant II had to save it and he did at a lovely stop from the keeper he's done His teammates proud with that one Chelsey at the point of no return It seemed he's kept them in it well it's never easy to step up and take a penalty but he slaughtered that Holmwood Authority Courtois must keep this out this is match point That's its it is done there was to be no perfect ending they were brave that they fell short And so it ends in pain as the glory goes elsewhere So much endeavour so much expectation so little ultimate reward Well this really shows the cruel nature of sport to have made it so far and fall short it's just heartbreaking you can't question their Quality they just couldn't make it happen on the day I really feel for them