(traffic) (door opens) – You here for the FIFA tournament? – Uh, yeah – Here, sign up on this list with your name and the champions league you want to play with and those guys are the ones you'll be playing against

(upbeat music) (gulp) (dream music) (whistle) – Aw, aw my hand slipped (slap) Does anyone have a spare towel? – GOAL! – Yes! (whistles) Good game – Uh, (upbeat music) – Stand back the champ is here – Nobody can mess with this kid He's the prodigy

– This kid has never lost Never been scored on and never blinks (swoop) – Lets go (slap) (video game) – Hey sorry pal this tournament is champions league teams only You can't play as awesome

– What? But we have so much history – Sorry, those are the rules – Well this sucks Let's get out of here guys (upbeat music) (whistle) (video game) – Yes! – Aw no! What? Are you serious? (slap) – A friggin tramp goal

I mean yeah okay sure if you want to win that way and look at my controller Look at it, it lags Look, look at the lagging How am I supposed to defend with a lagging controller? Ahhhh! Forget it! (whistle) – Goal! – Oh! What? No one scored on a free kick I quit

(upbeat music) (anthem) (slap) (whistle) – Goal! Come on – Nice shot – Lets watch the following play Thank you, thank you I know I"m fast, I'm fast (whistle) Referee come on lad – What? – Goal – Yes – Rubbish

Rubbish so foul What is this? The MLS? You use that cheap call? (whistle) – Yes – Yeah right That would never happen in real life Do you even know how hard it is to make a pass like that? Have you even played football? This game is so unrealistic

(upbeat music) – Watch it dude – That's a professional foul Okay? (whistle) (grunts) – Goal (grunts) (whistle) Hey good game – Pff

Lucky (upbeat music) – Hold on My team isn't ready yet I need to set up my back up tactics in case I get a red card – Okay

– I need to change my captain – Does that even matter? – Does leadership matter in the ultimate team sport? (laughs) Yeah Is this even the most updated version? All minor players are ultra rated (whistle) – Hey I wan on a breakaway – But that's part of the game Tactics change when you lose possession

I need to switch to a full strike Adjust my defensive (clock ticking) Ready – Thank you – Okay I just need to sub my center backs (clock ticking) Okay time back in

(whispers) It doesn't matter My tactics are perfect – Goal – Ready to play? – Bring it (upbeat music) – Big thanks to our sponsor EA Sports FIFA19 for making this video possible Be sure to pick up FIFA19 in stores now Don't forget to like and subscribe and we'll see you out on the pitch