Welcome to the first and only way of game of FIFA19 Battle Royale Champions League [Music] Why? Because you're st*p*d! [Wipe] [Snoring] [Sound of PS4 lighting up] [Snoring] [Snoring and sound of flies flying] TV: Do you see this New Mode of Battle Royale Champions League? Well, if we come to this video in 300 likes, something that is not very difficult, if we like all of us who see the video we arrive I bring you in scoop, exclusively, nobody else in the world world Nowhere is he going to have it except you who are watching it

The Battle Royale Champions League Mode to the channel Ok guys, about a month ago I uploaded the video of This is not well put

Pip! I uploaded the video of the demo of Fifa 19, which you have up here, that video you liked so much that I asked for 300 likes and you went to more than 10,000 I do not get it! The point is that what is promised is fulfilled And I'm not going to be less Yes, I'm late

Why? Because Things in life So let's move forward, let's give Continue

Your video of Demo Fifa 19 which you asked for 300 likes of target will go up the new mode has 10,000 surpassed and it is close to 200,000 reproductions WOW! From EA Sports we are proud to communicate that you will be the first and only youtuber to publish a Complete gameplay of the Fifa Mode 19 Battle Royale Champions League completely exclusively Good luck! EA Sports team

[Sigh] The new design of the menu the truth that It is quite different There's Neymar, De Bruyne, and Who was the other? Hazard? No, no, no, I think I invented it

Or yes? If you know, put it down in the comments because I do not remember What did they call them? EA Sports Ambassadors of Fifa 19? Something like that We have six odd DivisionRivals, FUTDraft, FUTChampions and nothing and the beautiful way this is that true look, he does not let me move, he just lets me give it to continue And we see that Wow! Directly filling the room Generating random alignments Remember, the alignments, the bench and the coach will come out randomly for each match the letters of Hidden players can belong to more than one player from the same team you will have to pay attention to the valuation and the chemistry it generates for Find out who it is Oh! How handsome! Filling room 96 of 96 OK, it has played a 4-2-1-3 Complete in less than 60 seconds each of the rounds (defense, middle and front) to get position yourself the highest of the table and compete with and against the best tournament teams The teams will be matched in order of 16 in 16 for guarantee equality between participants in the tournament Do not forget that hidden player cards are discover once the time of election has ended Ok, nothing bad

We have 60 seconds for each part of the field Hey? What? Watch out! This starts now Go Go Goalkeeper, goalkeeper, let's see Can I go up? Eeeh Buffon How to change the player? Ok, Lloris Dortmund, Valencia and Hoffenheim Okay, we're staying with Buffon We have an icon for what I see

We're going here Juventus, Varane, Arsenal, Tottenham and Akinfeev We are left with Juventus, which I suppose will be Bonucci We go to the left side Liverpool, Alex Sandro, Lucas Hernández, Monaco and Milan

Alex Sandro Icon We are going to leave this one obviously Look, Godin, Sokratis, Inter Milan and Betis Eeeh Icon Let's go for the LD that is Dortmund, Carvajal, Villarreal, Raffael and Shaktar Carvajal And I think it's fairly good Also note that the green link icon with carvajal or I imagine that it will be a Spanish icon which I suppose Fernando Hierro is not here, I have no idea It will be Puyol Do not? I mean Spanish and from there

Time is running out and we are given Buffon, Alex Sandro Ok! Bonucci, perfect Puyol! And Carvajal

And Oooh! We are in Silver, position 50 Oysters! Gold is from 32 and the Bronze from 65 We are in position 50 I'm going to leave you here a survey to see if they guess in what number we finish At the end of everything, in the last round of all, when we finish, in what position we finish I hope it ends in Gold

3, 2, 1, come on! Icon, Athletic Madrid, Rreal Madrid It is not bad at all Manchester United, Keita, Rome and Marseille Obviously icon Atlético Madrid already gives us a green link

De Bruyne, Eriksen, Rome, Inter Milan The best Atlético de Madrid here Real Madrid, Thiago Alcántara, Atlético de Madrid that gives us green link, Sansone and Milan

What gives us less valuation So we're staying with Real Madrid Y [Applause] We have 35 seconds left What can we do in 35 seconds? Hello! I'm Llama Gameplays! You will know me through videos like: "The gameplay of the Flame" or "La Llama plays Fifa

" Well, I'm here, we have many seconds left and this does not end How much is left? Uff! Much still Greetings to all my friends on YouTube! From YouTube! To! To graze! there are only 3, 2, 1 Discover the letters! [Strange sounds] Makélélé! That is new! Luka Modric and Griezmann Offensive Medium? What? Put number 37, it's not bad we're moving away from Bronze and we're getting closer to Gold Let's see we're

Mmmm We are tied with the of 33, that is, we have several gold who have the same rating as us If we get a good front with very good chemistry or with very good valuation possibly we would get to Oro So Attentive! 3, 2, 1 Hazard, Juventus and Lionel Messi Do not tell me that Cristiano Ronaldo is here

[Crazy laugh] Hazard, PSG Alexis Sánchez? 90? What? Let's see, if he has 90, and this one has 91 Does that mean that Neymar is here? If not? He also gives us chemistry with Alex Sandro Neymar must be no other Let's look at the other players but Come on, it has to be Neymar Alexis Sanchez, Monaco, Lazio Neymar We come here La Juventus, Aubameyang, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Sanabria Sanabria gives us orange link but come on, I believe that this one is Christian

Look at the valuation how it goes up when I put it on And here Messi that I will not change it for any Eeeeh

Mmmmm Marseille Messi We already have all facts and I hope that this is Cristiano Ronaldo [Slap] I think they are Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Neymar! Cristiano Ronaldo! Wait! The other was Messi Do not? Oooh! We have reached number 15! We are among the 15 best Well, 16 The ranking goes from 16 to 16 We have

A difference of 4 points with respect to 32 Y Wow! The sEPSAt is the first and has 190 on average! Players with 189 on average there are 2 And he has not given me time to see more let's see what this is They are matching the players You have to avoid playing against sEPSAt

and if we play with the RyyH better Wow! We have not played against RyyH RyyH is the worst and sEPSAt the best The rest of the players do not know SEPSAt! Do not touch us with sEPSAt please

Next to sEPSAt no, please No no no All right! Ventorute *****! [Evil laugh] [FAIL] Do not! Do not! Do not! Do not! If we go through the round we will play against sEPSAt **** Karma! [Laugh] Why? Because you are *******! good guys up here the video today the truth that it is a project in which I have been working for about three weeks edit and two others to record and edit the video itself I would greatly appreciate it you will pop the button to likes

The truth is that you always comply I will not ask a number because I want you to be you who put the ones you want All this has been work and pure work for many, many hours Now it is much more complicated to record since I'm working on my other job, in the real one, and we are doing many more hours than during the winter, so It costs more to take time But nothing! I can only tell you that I am super proud of how the video has been, that I can not complain for nothing the truth, that has It cost a lot to create everything from zero, from scratch, I have not started anything, everything from scratch

I hope you enjoyed the staging very much I honestly do not know how to express the gratitude that I have for you and how the channel is growing, I do not know how much People are coming but I'm freaking out And I also know that you love it this kind of videos in which I take care of them a lot It's the kind of videos that I'm going to keep doing, you know, I already say always, that right now I'm in a I'm super comfortable on youtube in which I rise the same a video a month but that video I do with love, I do it very hard, I do something that does not exist on YouTube Also for those who do not know I inform you of what

Let's see Where is? For each video I perform a project before starting work which I usually do on paper with my notes and other things Each of the videos takes its I work behind and all this I'm going to go teaching on Instagram Stories in which I'm doing little sections (Example: The Battle Royale video) I show you how I did it, what do I have to record and such Today I am editing and this is giving me problems Or look what I started doing, or look at these false shots This type of content is what I have to do for each of the projects in the which I do the sketches of how are the storyboards, of how it will all be which is the lace, the players that go to have in each one, the way in which I will have what to do to edit in Premiere, what I need to use in every second, in every thousandth of a second even

What kind of cards will I put, what alignment will I use All that I have here pointed and I'll show it to Instagram stories I'm going to start teaching it every time I do a video I'll upload it well explained everything I've done until I get to final concept I'm going to put you there also the false takes the moment when I'm going to record, with whom I am going to record, if we have some problem, if we are laughing at something at that moment All that you will have in Instagram I guess that a More than one of you will be interested to know how we work, what's behind the cameras and what do I do for each video? What do we do if more people come I already tell you that the next projects are of a different magnitude than this, that is, it is much more beast the edition and it is much more Pretty to see, it's more visual What do you say What? Why did you do that? You are going to enjoy a lot, I am enjoying a lot creating all this

Also, I am lucky to be able to share part of these videos with Guter, with Juanlu, with Gandia, with Jordi, with cristinho, etc guys if you liked the video I hope you leave a good like, that you support the channel because they are going to come brutal things, things that do not They exist on YouTube Subscribe to the channel if you are not subscribed and see you in the next video Goodbye!