hey guys what is up and welcome to another video on the channel and today we are back with the Alphonso Davies career mode and I'm sorry for no Newcastle career mode this past Monday but I was really busy with trying to catch up on some school stuff so sorry for that but we are back with Alphonso Davies here and as you can see we have no actions available for Alphonso Davies so last episode we talked a little bit about possibly moving away from Banfield when January comes around because we don't feel like we fit really well with this team but unfortunately we have no actions to be able to go back to Bayern we aren't able to cancel our loan and go back to Bayern so it looks like we're gonna just have to tough it out and finish our season with Banfield here and hopefully get a spot in the bayern squad when we come back so for right now we're in the January transfer window here like I said nothing's gonna happen and right now in Argentina there's no games happening it looks like it's during the Christmas break nothing's really happening we have no games to play so I'm gonna sim until we're able to play our first game of the episode so at this part of the video you guys can pause if you want but those are the expectations from the manager for the next four games we're probably gonna be able to complete it but the thing we're most focused on now that we're staying at Banfield for the rest of the season is trying to get a win and all four of these games so if we can give a little winning streak going then hopefully that can bring us up the table and into a position to possibly win the league come the end of the season want to get back so there's the table right now and as you can see we aren't even in the top 10 which is very unfortunate we are sitting just below the table there in number 12 but Alphonso's forgot about not trying to leave Banfield he's just focus on Banfield right now trying to get them in a better position in the league and hopefully contending for the league title it's a good through ball there can our goalie hopefully get there it's a good shot and there's the first goal of the game and our struggles continue with Banfield and the goalie is too late to come out to defend that and it's a good shot in the back of the net good through ball their to Alphonso we have a chance here fons was gonna whip it in there is a player there he gets a head on it and it's a good save by the keeper we have another chance at the corner here we're gonna hopefully get it whipped in Alfonso's there can you get a head on it he's able to and it's just wide of the net a good shot we have a chance there and he tucks it away for the tying goal off the deflection there takes a shot takes a deflection that's an easy tuck away for our goal or sorry for our goal scorer and now it is 1:1 a little good switcheroo can he send it through to Alphonso Alphonso has a chance to find his teammate it's a good shot but it's right at the keeper where are you heading that why are you heading that to them our defense literally just gave them the ball there and it's a good shot good goal two one Alphonso with the chance buddy muffs it's another good chance and it's deflected just wide give em that chance here Alphonso finds his teammate can he take a shot he does and there's a goal and there's an assist for Alphonso it's the tying goal to two in the 76th minute there nice little final touch down over to his teammate here as you can see good through ball and he takes his time composes himself and a good tucked away finish in the bottom left corner and we are tied 2-2 come on boys just good passing here we cannot give up a goal so easily and right after we score a goal because that is the time and they have a chance and there's the goal I really don't understand our defense at all like really we can't even defend for more than two minutes after we scored the equalising goal they get another goal to lead it's a good Header and it's a good save though by the keeper we're having our chances here late on in the game be able to get something going here Alphonso does have a chance on this left foot it's a good shot and it's another good save Alphonso has to be able to tuck those away Alphonso again with the shot and it's another good save this keeper is just playing phenomenally right now and there's the final whistle and unfortunately we lose another one three two we had a good amount of chances there in the final few minutes Alphonso I think had about two or three of them in the final few minutes there but yet it's another loss and banfield are still struggling we really need something to happen to be able to get into some type of good form again so there is his match rating 72 he actually got two assists I don't remember one of them I know he got the one on the tying goal the second goal of the game for Banfield I know he got an assist I can't remember how he got the assist on the first one but anyway he gets two assists so I believe that brings them to 11 assists on the season and after this training session here Alphonso Davis becomes a 79 overall one more overall until the big 8 0 I take a nice little spin around pass it to his teammate but it's an easy safe for the keeper Alphonso again is down on the wing we've been pretty good on the offensive end this game so far Alphonso's just making her and he's passing it into his teammate and there's the goal and yet another assist for Alphonso Davies that is his 12th of the season a great job by us here good shot by the guy and nice curling away shot by our striker there Torres I believe that is Torres it is and a good goal and we are up one nothing come on boys Davies is using his pace down the wing here he's able to get away from his defender and create some space can you get into cross he does and that's a penalty and there's a penalty Alphonso doing everything he can for Banfield right now so slide in late by the defender there and clips Alphonso Clips him right there and that is a clear penalty and I wish Alphonso was able to take the penalties but I don't think he has good enough penalties he doesn't so it's not gonna be him unfortunately taking the penalty and he runs up to the penalty here can he tuck it away for our second and he tries to chip him what are you doing buddy just blast it home there on the attack it's a good shot and it's a good save by our keeper good through ball down to Alphonso their Alphonso's is gonna try and pull a move past his defender he's able to he sees his teammate it's a good shot but a good save by the keeper great job with the passing with the one two there and Davis gets past his defender they whips in a ball there is a player there with a great chance at a goal there but it's another deflection away Alphonso with the chance with the shot and it's just over the net oh my god Alphonso you got to put those away great pass in a little too heavy by Alphonso there but he makes it up on the defensive end and he tries to pass it over to his teammate he's gonna try and cross it in give us another chance here but it is headed away and there is the final whistle and the second game we finally get our first win in a long time it feels like forever like I can't even remember the last time we actually got a win in this series here maybe two episodes ago three boring win boring game overall after the first goal not a lot happened but either way three points is three points and a much better game by Alphonso in the second game of the episode here with an eight point four match rating 50% shooting one on one off target 78% with another assist so I believe that's 11 or 12 assists on the season I can't remember where he's at I'll have to check that out but a great performance overall by the team and finally a win for Banfield now we just need to work off this and hopefully get a little bit of a streak going here so guys that is gonna be the end of the episode only two matches this episode but hopefully next one I can get three games in that next episode right now I just have to worry about some more schoolwork so I'm sorry for that but as you can see in the bottom left corner there where it kind of explains Alphonso overall there's been ten matches played he only has one goal he should have a lot more than that but he has 12 assists which is leading the league comfortably right now and so far no suspensions which is good and no injuries so knock on wood hopefully that stays the way that looks right now but if you guys did enjoy the episode remember to leave a like on the channel or sorry like on the video and if you are new please subscribe and thank you guys for 50 subscribers it means a lot and here's to hopefully our next milestone which will be a hundred so thanks you guys for watching and I'll see you guys in the next episode have a nice day bye