EA Sports is about to announce players' ratings on FIFA 19 Why is my rating not 100? And how much will I get paid to say this idiocy? The most anticipated moment of the year! But what the fuck is this ?! Crying baby?! Breaking news! Kevin De Bruyne will release a statement on FIFA 19 ratings! Any idea how much he's being paid to say this idiocy? We, as players, are fed up! We're sick of playing for Roberto Martinez! Stick to the script, Kevin

And we're sick of our FIFA ratings Thank you And honestly, FIFA's ratings could not be more annoying? Jim, we're live! FIFA's ratings have become even more interesting! I think I managed to get away

Have you been watching what I do? Did you see my bike kick? And to win the Champions League for the 3rd time in a row? I am? Lionel! Lionel! Are you deaf? I said: Of course, I think my rating will improve this year! Oh, my rating is a disgrace! Did not they see my scorpion kick? Show the images Not those images, your cones! Oh, my wife will see this I would be happy with my rating if I had 12 I was given a rating if she did not have 12 I'm better than Luiz

Seriously? Do they think I'm that good? Wow Physical at 71? If I went to Manchester United, my ratings would be down Give me a 69 I will not hold this Come on, change that to 100! Agreement, 100 million euros and I say whatever idiocy they want! So of course Costa is asking for a higher rating

Obviously Sterling is world-class and I know that, I'm his agent Sorry mate, but can you turn up the volume? Of course, could you just appear for me, please? And if they call me a nobody on social networks, they will be blocked! Tekkers If you do not take the drug test, you will not receive a fine from work

Simple! Oh, I play for West Ham I deserve a 0 Arjen Niklas! Trock me and I kick your troll-shaped head in! Where is my weak foot ?! Come on, 5 more points

Just driving drunk I'd like to hire 12 prostitutes My name? Thibaut Courtois Tekkers

So stay involved and do not forget to give him with the balls Oh, referee! Red card! VAR! Legends by the community of Amaraorg