hello guys welcome back to popngames once again for the unboxing, today we are going to be unboxing for FIFA 19 for the Xbox one ps4 and the switch because these were released in the US but something you guys didn't know or you guys might have known but I certainly didn't know they released it for 360 and ps3 again, I mean it's great that they released it for the 360 and ps3, the only bad thing about it is that they didn't release in the us

although these are us region-locked well not the ps3 because you know PlayStation is region free but the Xbox 360 as you guys well know is region locked for the US and CA when it comes down to us region locked

so this game although you guys will see in a little bit is US version it's and all you guys will see right here is it's not in like full-on English you guys can't really read it but I'm pretty sure once you get into the game we'll see in a bit, so Xbox one ps4 and the FIFA 19 for the switch these are all US versions these are not US versions but technically they are because the US region but you could tell because they are legacy editions so from the front cover you can see Ronaldo right I hope I'm right with this I hope this one although I hope I'm not wrong if I am wrong let's let's start the thread again so let's go on to the unboxing this game is rated E for everyone you guys could see the stickers right there for the official FIFA game it says I was hoping to get some information off the bottom over here but I can't read it so I can't really explain it to you guys but you guys can see this little bottom box right here we'll go at it like that because you don't you don't have these these only legacy edition parts and you don't you don't see them on the standard so let's go straight on to the spine because I feel like I'm just prolonged this one the spine, ps4 ps3 360 has a solid white background with the logos FIFA 19 Xbox one has all grey background and switch has a red background as usual if you move over to the top all these copies in front of me are y-fold copies and now let's move on to the back so for the back as you guys can see full on Spanish and for these three copies they're English and a different language so let's go on to see what we get when I start off with the switch copy well over the ps4 copy or the Xbox one copy it says champions rise the UEFA Champions League come to FIFA19 control the pitch the new active touch system dynamic tactics and the next evolution of Real Player motion technology allow you to control the pitch in every moment FIFA Ultimate Team introducing division rivals and the addition of new fit icons with UEFA Champions League pedigree to FIFA's most popular mode the journey champions pursue UEFA Champions League glory with Alex hunter in the dramatic finale of the journey

of course below everything that is right for you guys it's gonna be a translated version of whatever I write for you this is going to be the same thing for this Xbox one same thing for these switch right no this is different it says champions rise FIFA 19 delivers a champion caliber experience on Nintendo switch featuring gameplay updates and authentic UEFA Champions League integration across a variety of modes including FIFA Ultimate Team and career mode, ok unfortunately can't read for you guys the ps3 and the 360 copy but just looking at it you guys will see be able to be able to see that they are different even in the scene that they show you it's different what are we looking at right now the ps4 copy so the specs for ps4 copy is gonna be one to four players forty five gigabytes minimum two to twenty two network players dualshock 4 online play is optional ps4 pro also enhanced there's different subtitles this will be French English and Spanish subtitles available for audio is going to be English French and Spanish as well, let's go look at the Xbox one copy specs it's going to be Xbox 1 X enhanced 4k Ultra HD HDR which is going to be high dynamic range Xbox single player Xbox multiplayer is gonna be 2 to 4 Xbox co-op multiplayer for Xbox Live multi multiplayer it's gonna be to 222 xbox live co-op multiplayer is gonna be 2-11 fine spec says forty five gigabytes min so it's gonna be the same gigabytes minimum, now going on to the switch copy so tabletop and dock is going to be one to four players while the handheld is gonna be a single player it says ABC basic reading ability is needed to fully enjoy this game wireless internet access required for online features Nintendo switch pro controller compatible and game purchases and is there anything else I think we're good on the standard us copies now for the legacy copies which let's look at the ps3 copy it's going to be on like I can't maybe let's try it's gonna be 1 to 7 players 5 megabytes minimum 1-2 network players DualShock 3 something this is audio alright English French and Spanish and subtitles English French and Spanish nothing, Xbox 360 copy maybe 1 to 4 players 45 megabytes minimum HDTV 720p 1080i 1080p Dolby Digital Xbox Live it's gonna be one to two players fine specs 256 megabytes minimum for the updates and whatnot so now let's go on to see what we get inside sorry about this confusing unboxing guys it's pretty confusing all right so let's start off with the ps4 copy, first you pop it open yep couple pieces of papers on left and you get the game disc on right and nothing behind the front cover art what's the first piece of paper first piece of paper is going to be build your dream squad there's gonna be the FIFA 19 ultimate team player earn upgrade flip it around and you get the UEFA Champions League division rivals and squad battles slide it back in, the next piece of paper is going to be the instruction pamphlet that's the front middle is going to be limited 90-day warranty and then just gonna be a translated version of the whatever I just showed you guys yeah okay set it back in let's get a quick zoom in of the ps4 copy game disk, all right and move on to the Xbox one copy pop open the Xbox one copy you get the game disc on left a couple pieces of papers on the right you just pop these out and nothing's behind the front cover art so first piece of paper is going to be the FIFA 19 ultimate team paper behind it of course the UEFA Champions League division rivals and the squad battle sections slide that back in as well and then the instruction pamphlet warning and then Oh over here need help and the limited warranty same thing in the different language slide these back in and get a quick zoom in of the xbox one copy game disk move on to the switch, pop it open we get the ultimate team paper on both sides one sides gonna be English the other side's going to be Spanish or a different language unfortunately I can't really tell and you get the game cartridge right there looks pretty plain it's just solid white with black letters

now for the legacy editions let's see pop open the ps3 copy get piece of paper on left game disk on right and something behind the front cover alright we get uh oh it's all in English it's all in a different language warning support information limited 90-day warranty consent something and the online manual right there, idk it's just I think this next piece of paper is going to be the FIFA19 Ultimate team paper let's go quick zoom in at the PS3 copy game disc and move on to the 360 copy you get the piece of paper for the ultimate team get the game disc and something behind the cover art it's gonna be the same thing like the ps3 copy and now let's get a quick zoom in of the 360 copy game disk and with that being shown and said that pretty much wraps up the unboxing for FIFA 19 for the ps4 Xbox one and the switch which is the US version and the standard versions and then we get the FIFA 19 for the ps3 and xbox360 which is technically US region versions but not us versions in the legacy editions I hope you guys enjoyed the unboxing and as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for unboxings don't forget leave a like comment subscribe thank you bye bye