Guys Subscribe FootBall Hacks for more awesome videos Okay, I got it a lot of you guys like football strike videos 15,000 views and 16,000 views within three weeks and one month So I do think I got better guys I can share with you on this video more tips and tricks guys Let's call it tips and skills right now I started on the 400th room and then we're gonna go up to the 1000 the 5k and a 20k and then I will try to make it with a 5 streak winning and then at the end of the video I will share with you a few more 20k games that made me frustrated with one of the players You must watch it guys

Let's just see right now agency I just know the first goal and now look at the speed of my ball right now hundred twenty one eighty one Kilometer per hour it's because I learned that if you swipe fast and you practice and the practice mode How you gonna make it curve? This guy's will miss look at this 200k kilometer per hour So that was easy on the 400 room Let's see if we can really Stand up in the front over another opponent and the one thousand room I think it's called Italy if I'm correct yes, Italy so let's Try to defeat this guy and then move for the 5k and the 20k all a winning Game after game in a row without losing which means four or five streak winning so I just defended goalie right and look how much speed I put and 177 km of the power What a nice go Ok, he just made his move and I am up to watch the ball where it's going to friend it right and look at this I'm gonna surprise him with a top speed on it 50 T come at the power and he's on a 1000 room It doesn't know how I came to this speed because I'm I am learning the tips and skills First to put power and then to use the curve on it 90 kilometer per hour What an amazing denial guys 3-0

I defended three times and three goals What an amazing win moving forward just now leveled up 20 cash Thank you and moving forward right now to see how we gonna beat the guy on the 5k room So weighing on the 5k Spain that how would they call it? So we just faced in this 17 level and I don't know if no that wasn't a net I think it was one of the matches that the guy gave me really fresh to the time He was good player and I got hard time to beat him But at the end I surprised them So right now under 66 km/h Curving it and what a nice first goal so he is gaining in it into the wall So Obviously, I think he's gonna lose look at this What a nice curves drawing over keep off guys and look how the speed is going high hundred 70 70 towards I think So right now I was trying to use again a lot of power and it's missing it what a nice denial second, denial guys and different random opponent 17 level 3 c3 defends and also three nines goals denial so moving forward to the Raja 20k right now and let's see if we can beat this guy if I remember correct

This is the guy that really made me Have heart frustrate on this match We went about three rounds guys I never got three rounds with opponent only with this gun So right now he made already the first goal on this match So he's More safe than me to win the match Look at this 200 K chromatic to our and he just missed guys This is how you play so I defended nice Lorena We are even on it 82 km/h And he's saving it good and maybe I'm not curving it enough to make it harder for him So as you seen we're gonna be very tight at this point so He just got this Gold so I had to gut this goal also if I wanted to win this match So now we started the second round and I was really hoping to win this guy So now if any one of us will miss it's already a winner automatically So I'm if you got a goal, I must gotta go on this sound So as you seen guys I just cut a video to a point again and this second third already round that we are so tired guys now I'm gonna Make I'm gonna nail the goal also So we are going to our third or fourth round together and the same match guys What a hard opponent So here he was doing tricky tricking me by not putting so much speed and now I put on hundred ninety-two Kilometer per hour coming It's right

So I am nailing a goal after he makes a goal So now again it didn't put so much power on the speed so I was defending it too fast or too late as you seeing is really Confusing me with his kicks So right now I really got what he's doing and now say good Bye, bro Take it right now with top speed on at night He come at the power good boy It was hard to defeat you and now I will cut the video to a point where I've already on its extinct A coins and then I will not stop the video Until we will reach with nice zero goals, and we will reach 150 K coins And I really went through one of the guys that made me lose 20k, so let's see right now how I can share with you a lot of tips and tricks and you can also see if I Got better if you are better than me, and you can give me some tips Guys, please comment below and if you are really benefiting from these Videos, you can also leave a comment Thanks, Ryan

It helps me It's also making me feel like I want to share with you more football strike in the future So I do sing right now we are toys as of now and You are just offended right and now I said to myself I wanna go to the 150k coins so now we are really timing this guy and I'm trying to beat him because that's all point of me recording these games and showing you also a few streak winning as Well, so I just know the first goal and now I know if I be Awakened off and he's not gonna got even one go goalie I will win so as you sing right now It cannot defeat me because I've got two goals and it was it was already told to the end That's why I want him So 1 to 26 K and I am not stopping until we will reach on his 50k on this video so, let's see right now how this opponent Played and if he played good or not, so he was trying out Maybe he was helping his wife I don't know what was wrong but The next kicks of his he was trying to beat me because he is not Really giving me 20k for free So if you wanna build your points up You must make sure You are up to really be brave and stand against anybody anybody out there So right now I have already two goals and he has nothing

So if I make this one he is over guys Oh He just saved it very nicely and let's see if he's gonna get this one Oh, no So I have to make sure if I'm knowing this one and it's over for him I win him all I have to do right now nail a goal 200k come out of power what a nice speed and curving this guy just missed and this is how I am getting better and hopefully soon you will see millions on my Account, but you will see how I built up the coins with the videos I will share with you because I'm not about to buy coins I'm about to share with you how I'm getting there without buying any coins So right now he made his kick really fast I defended right and now I'm surprising their opponents with nice great Kicks, so right now I was out I I ended the draw a little bit too much to the left So he made his move and his ball is not fast, so I was not so word with this opponent I knew I will win him So 200 kilowatts of power and this guy is a good defender He knows how to defend the goalie Hope it was tracking me now

And I really stood and the front of his trip so under time the eight kilometer power and this guy is tall he knows how to really Save the golden play defensive good So let's take this one and he's still doing good I was really worried matching this guy I hope I will win him and I he was out that was good look good Stand for me and now guys, he just missed was nice covering it from left to right So I want this Very good opponent He played really good on this match I like when guys playing good because it makes me feel like I have to try and fight hard to really build the coins up So I faced this boy and this guy made me lose and go down 237 cake coins

So in order to get on it 50 I have to play two more matches guys, don't leave Let's see how I am really learning and making using skills tips and speed guys When I say skills I am in curving it when I say speed it by swiping hard and guys you will get better on this game if you Use the practice mode a lot So We are now tired He has one goal and one goal 2008 the power straight goal any missed That's how you play guys So I now we made this Very nice Very good

Kick He already tricked me and now we are on the last goal on this match And now if I make this goal, it's over frame So I'll 72 come at the power curving it and goodbye, bro so we are bumping our coins to 147 K coins and we're not stopping only if we will be Vauban 250 So one more match and let's defeat the next opponent and we will reach the goal of this video Closing on above hundred fifty K coins fourteen level His name is Hugo let's see how he's gonna play so I have to be a lard to make sure I'm defending it good and Very nice now I was trying to know the first goal surprising him and it worked out guys

Look at this What a nice curve and speed this is how you win and beat opponents voice So He missed again And now I was really happy and I made the kick straight For to the bottom with 200k come at the power and this is how he missed he made the same thing to me I don't know What was the speed but it was fast and now I'm curving it again, and it was out That was not good luck for me But I knew if I be alert and awake enough I can still beat this guy and now we are story and look at this this is one of the best kicks I Ever did on this game to anakata power and now I eat just missed it was out So that was his last chance Thank you for watching up to now do you wanna see more? Football strike videos guys comment below we reach the goal on the 57k coins

Thank you for watching at this point Bye