Hi guys! Here's FreeKicksPT And today we're going to teach you how to do THE RONALDO CHOP If you enjoy this tutorial SHARE with your friends and leave a LIKE! Comment #TUTORIAIS If you want more tutorials! To execute this trick you just have to do this: Basically, you have to be in movement (you have to start running) And you wait for the defender to come When the defender gets near you You have to be really really fast And do the Chop You can do this trick for the right side or left side After you do the Chop with the inside of your foot Like this You can shoot, cross, pass the ball to a teammate This is a trick that can be done in every part of the field And you can do it multiple times to fool multiple opponents This was today's video We hope you learn something! If you did, SHARE the video with your friends! Leave a LIKE! Comment below which skills you'd like to see here Follow our Social Media! Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

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