Hi guys, I’m PWG and I’m here With Suell “the Gypsy” of Copenhagen PannaHouse Today, let’s teach them incredible tricks in about two minutes MY trick is pretty amazing

And yours? -Is incredible You will see it Let us begin Trick # 1 Let’s start the clock -As soon? This trick is called lifting with the heel in the air

It derives from the trick of lifting with the heel It looks like this But you have to do it in the air, hit the heel on the ball and touch it with your toe You can make a turn, but you do not have to Kick it about knee-high, and you do it

-Are you ready? -Yes, I’m ready, OK PannaHouse in freestyle Did you see what you did wrong? You have to hit him on the toe and take a small step back when you do it It’s okay, let me do it Oh, come on

You can do it, it was very close Exactly what you did, just raise it in the air The time is running Time is the essence Good job I am very happy that PannaHouse finally he is doing it in free style

Very good They are ready? Start the clock Well, I’m going to teach you a trick I do not know what it’s called, but it’s a movement, a trick, of street football Too easy I’ll do it first, and then I’ll explain They roll the ball, and they take it

Very easy Again They have to take it with a good foot they drag it, they touch it, pop and remember, it’s very important You can not do it like this

It’s fine, without stiff shoulders They have to have a little movement and go down, and go down to take the ball further Let’s do it Remember that when you roll it, roll it with the right, then left, and do this with the right foot Very nearly Almost, you know how

OK, it was good It was better Relax, breathe A little more with the left foot There is

I hope you enjoyed the video Leave a comment below Leave a like and click on the green bubble And subscribe PannaHouse That was all for today, I’m leaving