Greetings guys, here PWG, and today I'm with Kieran Brown himself -Hello

-And right now we are in a Russian pain in Rosengaard, Malmö, where Zlatan grew up and just as he has skill, we are going to show ours

In fact, we're going to teach each other, so we can see who does it faster -In agreement? Are you ready? -I am ready Go for it SUBSCRIBE NOW Well, if you have already subscribed to your boy, SUBSCRIBE NOW Kieran Brown, you know he can do freestyle, SUBSCRIBE NOW so this will be a little harder, that's why, I'm going to show you how to do "La Envelope", right? "The Wrapper" looks like this: -Good

-You catch her with the inside of your foot, passing it on your other foot, and you end up with a pincer, buckling it It may be quite difficult for some of you guys, but, I know before you do if you have skill,

from before, so, I'm going to put you to the test I'll leave the timer running, and see if you can do it – in two, three minutes, okay? -A try

We have activated the timer? Three, two, one -we go -We already have it? Yes Try it -It's okay

Try to catch it with the inside part -Let's see if I can now Yes You already have it, right? Ready Try to bend the knee more, even there goes! You see? Try to catch it with the inside part, and nothing else keep that posture as much as you can yes, exactly It is correct as you are doing Try kicking the ball so that it goes back, and so you have the impulse to be "wrapped" -It was not that? -Gentle, boys and girls, what was that? -Kieran Brown, my boy! -How long did it take on the clock? -35 secs -35 seconds -I'm going to see if I can do it again -Ah, yes, do it twice Do not train until it comes out once Train until you never do it wrong Very well -Is it a good saying? -It's a good saying

Do not train until you get it right, train, until it does not go wrong See? It was too easy for you Good job Well, now it's my turn to step out, you'll show me a movement; and as you know, I am a freestlyer too, so you need to find something that I can not do I think it will be more of a movement that you may not have tried before It has no name; we will go for the "Special rebound in the knee", until you think of another -Good -It looks like this

Very well!! I'd like to call it: "The Birmingham Special", but let's continue What I saw that you did is a little lift with VAM, – another one on the outside, bouncing with the knee, and then

-Put over, bounce, bounce, bounce with the knee, a "Jump to the World", and then -It is with the same foot as in the bounce with the knee -Yes

Bounce with the knee, pass over, and then: – You hit it down A) Yes -Good Activate the clock Already? Three, two, one, come on

-Ready -Let's go -Apart from that, there is not much to say until now -You pass over him, and hit him -With my non-dominant foot? With your non-dominant foot, you pass it, and then you hit it with your dominant foot Go! -Very easy Try it a second time -I have to do it twice, fine

All right -You can teach me that, too? -There is!! -How are you!! Barbarian!! -What was the time on the clock? -20 seconds -20 seconds! -What cool! -I think it is, within these series, a new brand -Thanks, Keiran -Incredible, thanks to you

Thanks for watching, guys I hope you enjoyed this Hopefully you learned something of this, but I do not think you get it in just 20 or 3 seconds, like us But with a good amount of training, they will do it little by little Go and subscribe to Keiran Brown; the link is in the description Leave a "Like", comment, and subscribe to us I will see you

next time guys !! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}