Boys and girls, in today's episode I'm going to show you three amazing soccer moves for beginners, that I swear, they can learn, and dominate, even though they have barely begun to play it today, after watching this episode

And I'm going to do it using the Cold Mode shoes; but do not worry, the plays are burning With the Cold Mode of Adidas, everything is in preparation for the coldest months of the year

And to do so, Adidas has packed the shoes with an interesting technology to keep our feet warm and dry, with the help of PrimaLoft Typically, PrimaLoft insulation technology is used, above all, in outdoor footwear, and in the dress They are manufactured specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions And in Cold Mode shoes, the insulation fibers are located under the top, in the forefoot area, to keep them warm That's pretty cool, but now, let's go to the first play, which is called unofficially "Turn 180 with the sole"

TURN 180 WITH THE SOLE What you want to do with this, basically, GIRO 180 WITH THE SOLE is to step on the ball, with the sole of your foot, drag it back, and simply, turn 180 °, to run away from your opponent If you watch football on television, you can even see the best players taking this movement in almost every single party And whatever it is, it's one of the most basic things you can do while playing

PASS WITHOUT SEEING Trick number two is "The Unseen Pass" Did you notice what I just did? I was seeing

well then! What you are going to look for is, while you are running with the ball, to locate your teammate out of the corner of my eye You look at the ball quickly again, and look at the other side,

before giving the pass This is a mocking movement; the defenders will probably hate you, but the fans will always have a show Ready? RECORTE DE RONALDO And my move number three today, RONALDO CUTTING is the "Ronaldo Cut" RONALDO CUTTING Well, this skill looks extremely cool and showy, but let me tell you a secret: it's not that hard to take out and dominate Essentially, what you are going to look for, nothing more, is to hit the ball with the inside part of your dominant foot through your legs while jumping, like this:

and a good way to practice this play, is exactly what I'm doing right now; you stand alone, with the ball in front of you, you jump, you take your dominant foot a little to one side, and hit him hard, to run in the opposite direction See you!! Well, boys and girls, those were three soccer games for beginners that, as I mentioned before,

I swear they can learn and master, even when they look super cool Did you see what I did there? Anyway, if you want to learn even more basic soccer skills, you can watch these two videos from here below, on your screen

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I'm going!! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}