Learn 5 Tricks Brazileños de Futbol Geniales Today we are going to teach you the 5 most brazen, perverse, great to see tricks of the Brazilian football that they can use in the match, to vilely humiliate their opponent And I tell you that, once again, I brought to the guy behind the camera

Let’s call it, Nate Yes, Nate clearly has an obvious heritage from Brazil So, of course, it is not very linked to the cold of the Danish winter Because of that, it will not say much the present day Instead, he’s going to let his feet say it all

# 5 EL RONALDINHO Number five: “El Ronaldinho” First of all, make sure the ball is not moving Now, take a step in front of him, with your non-dominant foot From this position, do the Akka, behind your support leg inside Outside It has to be done in one fluid movement

# 4 ADRIANO TURN 360 Number four: Adriano’s Giro 360 This trick, is a bit like throwing a blowout Wait for the defender to get close to you Then, make a roulette turning 360 °, and pray that the ball will make that sweet tunnel # 3 LA RODADITA WITH SALTO (OR THE KANGAROO) Number three: La Rodadita with salto (or El Kangaroo)

Make a bicycles with your non-dominant foot Roll the ball with the sole while jumping, so that give him a little touch with the other foot You can go, either through the tunnel, or send the ball to the defender’s side The choice is yours # 2 LA DE ROBERTO CARLOS Number two: Roberto Carlos’s

I would not recommend doing this in a game, unless you like to live on the razor’s edge Make the ball be in the air, and in that it takes a step forward above it You must take the step with your dominant foot, since that is really important Now, lean forward, and hit the ball with the heel with your dominant foot It requires a lot of practice to be consistent with this

So be patient # 1 THE NATEMAR SPECIAL Number one The Natemar special This trick works only for one pass Lift one foot, and let the ball hit the support

Now, tap it slowly, with the outside of your foot while you lean to get away from the ball Quickly, give it another touch again, only this time, with the inside of your foot Run on one side of the defense, and you are officially, the most skilled player on the team So, there you have it, friends The 5 most brazen tricks, rogues, crazy, samba, that are best seen of Brazil, which they can use in a match, to totally destroy your opponent Basically, like a: “I was humiliated by the Danish Natemar

” If they understood? Neymar, Natemar? Well, anyway, if you want to learn some of the most current tricks of Neymar that can be used in a game, you can do it by clicking on the video below And if you want to learn more crazy tricks to use on the court, go and subscribe by clicking In the little green bubble, it encimitates my head Leave us a “Like” if you had a good time And with that said, I disconnect: Adiosito! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}