Today we are going to teach you five crazy tricks that are commonly used on the court by Isco himself You have been requesting it, and today, we are going to deliver it to you

And when I say "we're going," is that I join the Finnish mountain, the defense master, my colleague Timo, who agreed to leave to review it on this day

Maybe they're asking, "So, who's going to do the tricks?" Well, since Isco has a beard, and I have a beard, we're basically identical twins, so I I will teach the class today, while having fun # 5 BICYCLE WITH THE NON-DOMINANT FOOT Number five: "Bicycle with the non-dominant foot", which is a simple but effective movement, which Isco, my boy, has been doing a lot when facing a solo defense Approach the opponent at high speed, and decrease enough until you're running fast but that being in that, you still have control of the ball Then,

make the movement, a bicycle and a body feint with your non-dominant And then, in the same fluid movement, tap the ball to move it away from the defense with your dominant foot

Hopefully you will ruin your inertia enough to pass it Easy peasy # 4 THE TRAILER IN "V" OF ISCO Movement number four: "El Arraste en" V "de Isco" Here, you wait for the defender to be directly towards you, blocking the direction you want to go Let's say, for example, that I want to go to my right

What you're going to do is pretend slightly that you're going to the left, give a little touch, and quickly, drag the ball back with the sole from your foot, and in the same movement, roll it, again, forward, in the direction where you want to go, to get away from him, and send him back crying with his mom # 3 THE TURN OF MARSEILLE Number three: "The Giro de Marseille" I know; I really tried to find another cool trick that we have not done thousands of times before,

but, honestly, it is that he does this all the blessed time Now, "The Giro de Marseille", in fact it is very simple, but extremely deadly, if you have good feet Well, what you are going to do is, with the defender approaching you on the one hand, and the ball a little ahead of you, with your dominant foot,

and drag it back towards your non-dominant foot Then, also turn your body at the same time in the direction you want to go, and using the inertia of the turn, drag the ball back, and then again,

with your non-dominant foot, to finish the movement A bit like this: # 2 HYPNOTIZER ISCO Number two is what I call "Hypnotizing Isco", which is a brilliant move, if you're anchored with your back to the sideline and the defense it is approaching you While you are thrown and going for the ball, use the heel of your dominant foot, to give it a tap against your non-dominant foot, and then, quickly, in the same movement,

use the inside of that foot, to move it behind the other, and away from the defender There you look! Although, yes; You should probably train him a lot before trying a game, because, as you can see, maybe it goes wrong # 1 CROQUETTE WITH DRAGGING BACKWARDS Number one is the "Croquette with Drag Towards Back" Well, Isco does quite the normal "Croqueta", but he also uses it frequently to mix it with this one, because instead of just doing the normal "Croqueta", where you change the ball in a fluid movement to pass to your opponent, what you are going to do here, in fact, is to drag the ball back, with the sole of your dominant foot around your opponent, and then change outward with the inside of your non-dominant foot, a bit like a "V" movement

And maybe it does not look so soft, or so cool, like the "Croqueta" from before, which is one of the coolest movements of all, but I assure you which is very, very effective

So, there are boys there; five movements of madness that are commonly used by Isco himself But who should we do the next time? You must let us know in the comments section down here Maybe they also want

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with notifications activated, of course, to see all the new videos, and some of the first, when they take them out And having said that, guys, I'll see you next time I disconnect Adiosito! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}