When you love making plays, you do not think about anything, just do them For me, it is the most important thing

Today we are in Nice, to learn a thing or two, how to defeat the defense, while we hang out with professional footballer Allan Saint-Maximin, who, incidentally, is a demon when it comes to of one-on-one situations And he's going to teach us his favorite advanced skill for a one on one, which, moreover, is achievable in a real match Did I mention that this guy is a complete demon? Take a look at yourself Where did you start, you know, make these plays? Did you play street football as a kid? Or where do these plays come from? I learned everything on the street When I was younger, I went all the time, and I learned all the plays I saw to every good player who made it I tried SKILL LESSON SKILL LESSON Well, time of the "Skill Lesson"; LESSON OF SKILL

and the one that Allan wanted to show us, it's a pretty showy one Now, in order to get it out, you should be familiar with the "Bicycle", and the "Elastic", since this ability is a combination of those two Start by giving a slight touch to the ball with the inside of your dominant foot, and in the same movement, without touching the ground, use that same foot, to perform an external "Bicycle" Then, you do another one fluently, using your non-dominant foot, and you end the movement doing the "Elastic", with your dominant foot

You have to love it, and do it fast For me, that's the most important thing According to Allan, it's a good idea to first master this trick with just one "Bike", before doing it too complicated yourself After you're comfortable with the movement, it's time to take it to a real match

When you make plays in a match, is it all about being an effective player? Or sometimes, also in giving show the fans? Sometimes it is to show the fans, but in others, when you love making plays, you do not think about anything, just to do them

If you can do skills, and score, it's perfect Obviously, you are a super young guy, and we have many young people who watch our videos Where can they find the confidence to do matchmaking skills? Because many people try them in training, but in games, maybe they're afraid to make mistakes, and things like that Yes, you should try to do everything in training, and have it in your head that if you're doing it in training, is to do it in the game It's not for clowning in training, and when the game arrives, do not do anything You have to do it in training, and in the game You must have a lot of confidence to do it Well, that was Allan Saint-Maximin showing us a pretty amazing skill for a one on one,

that you can use not only to show off, but also to beat the defense Let us know what you think about this colorful movement, in the comments And if you're new here, and you want to learn new soccer skills every week,

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Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}