Hello, family Unisport I'm back again, having a lot of fun, of course, here at Unisport,

that I think I'm going to stay here forever Now, I know that I do not have the knowledge in shoes football that JayMike has

Certainly, I do not have the freestyle skills of PWG, or the immaculate Joltter's hairstyle, but I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, so I'm going to show you my three favorites, to break the ankles to the defenders

But I need a defense, so, for today, I think I'm going to use the sound No, no, no, stop him! # 3 THE SHADOW Trick number three, is "The Shadow", because that's what the defense will be chasing if you get this one This is how it looks We are going to cross the foot in front of the ball Then, when we are already halfway through the ball, we jump with the support leg, touching it with the inner part of our foot, towards the other Then, the last touch to the opposite foot, is where we push the ball, and accelerate to pass to the defense Just like that # 2 PHILOSA TRAIL Trick number two is the "Sharp Drag" # 2 FILMED ARRAYER A movement so sharp, that you'll be going through to the defenses, like a knife in butter This is how it looks; start with your foot on top of the ball,

roll it so that it crosses your body, and that you make a bicycle Then, perform a "Rabona", control it with the outside of your opposite foot, and accelerate in speed

SUBSCRIBE NOW And last, but not least, trick number one; a movement that is so good that not only you are going to break the ankles of the defenders, but you will make them dizzy completely For that reason, it is that

I call this one, "El Tornado" # 1 THE TORNADO This is what it looks like you have the defense this time next to you; you are going to roll the ball backwards Catch it with your laces, and when the defender bites the hook, he will try to move to intercept the ball

So, the wheels, you put your body between the defender and the ball, you make a "Carousel" in reverse, so you can roll it one more time to take it away, and accelerate Ready; sound put Thank you, boy of the sound We're going to have to leave the video here, like Phil's ankles, liquidated, after that session of amagues I hope you enjoyed this move If yes, be sure to take a look at the rest of the channel

from Unisport, for more play tutorials, by clicking on the little bubble above If you want to see me doing more tricks and tutorials, you can see my channel here, somewhere If you liked the video, let us know in the comments section below, what was your favorite play, and what was your favorite trick, to beat the defender That's all for today I hope you enjoyed it See you soon, guys Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}