Today we are going to teach you five crazy Brazilian football tricks that have been made on the courts, through the years

So, we're practically talking here a little bit from a cheat story lesson And to help me, Nate has become like Neymar In other words, this is going to get soft, it's going to get tasty, and I'll show you fable moves Let's do it! # 5 LA ATRAPADA Number five: "La Atrapada" This play is good to create some confusion

Drag the ball behind your support leg, and control it with the part from the top of your foot Then, roll it back again, and accelerate to get away When you do, try put some energy # 4 THE TRAILER IN V Number 4, "The Drag in V"

If you like to set traps, this one, is a trap lady With the enemy approaching, drag the ball next to your body

The bait will be too irresistible, so drag it quickly back, in a movement in "V" You are already successfully called, "The First Predator" # 3 THE LIGHT SOBRERO Number three, "The Light Hat" If you are locked up, and you have no options left, this may help you

Spoon the ball slightly, and stretch your leg while leaning back Turn, and embrace that dwells on you, or prepare to be

SUBSCRIBE NOW cooked with kicks by the irate defense # 2 THE ROLLED TUNNEL Number two: "The Tunnel with Rolled" Make this move against very anxious defenses Pretend to go by the band with a shot, make a small jump, and give it a little touch with the outer part of your foot When the defender is rushing you, he will always open his legs, so make sure your objective is in sight # 1 THE COLLAPSE

And number one, "El Coletazo" Once again, a perfect movement for the defending ones

Roll the ball on your support leg, make a small jump, and give him a heel on the head the defender Try to get the lift up

a little bit to one side, because in this way, it is easier to do the heel Or can you also hit the defender right in the middle of his face I can not wait for Nate to be the defender Condemned, filthy, drone, I'm going to

So, there you have friends, five cool tricks, brought to you, by our own Natemar But who should we do in the next? What should we do next? Well, they should leave us know in the comment section right here below

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