Today we are going to teach you 5 demented football tricks that are performed on the court by soccer players playing for "La Azul"; French players, all from Anthony Martial, Kylian Mbappé, Zinedine Zidane,

and of course, Paul Pogba, and many other players; and since now France is no longer in the group from Denmark, in the World Cup, I have no problems in equipping myself with the one that, in my opinion it's the shirt that is best seen, of the whole tournament, so what do they say if we take it on the road to show off,

we learn some tricks? The trick number five is the "One and a Half Finta Coporal with bicycle", which is a great movement that # 5 15 BODY FINTA WITH BICYCLE I think you can use it anywhere # 5 1

5 BODY FINTA WITH BIKE from the field, if you are running directly towards your opponent

What you do is start by making a bicycle on the ball, using your dominant foot, while doing a body feint, and after that, you start another bike with your non-dominant foot, only then you stop midway

Use your dominant foot to pass your opponent in the direction in which you are going to make the bicycle with your non-dominant foot Now, speed is essential here, so practice it in slow motion, before you can do it at a deadly speed, like Anthony Martial The number is something that I call: "Backward Rolling Tunnel", which is a great movement, # 2 ROLLER TUNNEL BACK

if you're stuck in the corner, with the defense # 2 TUNNEL ROLLING BACK Breathing in the nape of the neck With the right defense

behind you, you basically use the sole of your foot to roll the ball backwards, and while the defender stretches the leg to cover, you give a soft touch to the ball in the middle, to make the tunnel, with the tip of your foot

Simple and elegant! Number three is "La Croqueta de Zidane", # 3 THE ZIDANE CROQUETTE which is a great move if you have a defense # 3 THE ZIDANE CROQUETTE hurrying from behind to stop

If he's coming this way, he's probably going to try to stretch his leg, more or less like this, to block your way, and when he does, you tap the ball behind his leg; then you use your other foot to touch it again, around it, so that later you go, of course, behind the ball

Now, if you are a true master, you can make the first move to touch the ball SUBSCRIBE NOW through your legs, instead of behind them, SUBSCRIBE NOW but maybe it's a bit too much

humiliation unless you're French Be French !! # 2 THE MADNESS OF MBAPPÉ Number two is, then, "La Madness Mbappé, and here # 2 THE MADNESS OF MBAPPÉ we are talking about a movement that is

# 2 THE MADNESS OF MBAPPÉ pretty good, if you have some good acceleration, or more important, if you want to show off What you do is, being in a normal position, you make a bicycle

with one foot, and then you use your other foot to touch the ball for a bicycle After that, you give it another touch for one side, you make a "false shot", and you make two corporal feints, jumping from one foot to the other And then, use your blind step to leave the defense If you get it right, Donatello himself will be very,

very proud Number one, the three-piece the joke with good people turn, of Pogba, which is a horrible name, # 1 JOKE WITH PEOPLE'S TURN OK OF POGBA

I know, but that's the game This is another brilliant # 1 JOKE WITH PEOPLE'S TURN WELL POGBA movement with the defense coming from behind

When that happens, make a small fake shot, step on the ball with your dominant foot Drag it back, and tap it with the inside of your non-dominant foot If your boy sit down, then this should give you enough space to really hurt, Pogba style Just promise me you're not going to fall

So, there you have friends; Five crazy football tricks, made on the court by French players We hope you can add one, or two or three of them, to your repertoire At least, that was our intention But who should we do in the next? They should let us know in the section

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And with that said, guys, I disconnect See you!! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}