My friends today will let you know some soccer skills Playing in the stadium Professor Adin Hazard and for my help My oldest friend claims Ned He will give you a glimpse of those skills because he is a professor himself Number (5) false correction This movement is often easy but also More effective in the team Face the defender And open your body by going to the far corner And when you want to hit her Pass it the other way In the soles of your feet No

(4) pieces and rotation If he finds himself on the wing With a defender close to you, you will need a space to do this Take your speed and stop the ball quickly Change direction And run in the opposite direction and will become Free as a fly No (3) reverse the flex direction To get some sparkle on the pitch This motion is the bomb But they are dangerous The most important thing is how to approach the ball Tilt and pass it with the foot and with it jump Jump it small and then hit it with the appearance of your foot Slowly Oh I mentioned the word Serious where if it fails will look a bit So (2) The flexible step The second movement is my favorite It's a little more complicated than kissing it In order to disguise the defender Put your weak foot on the ground first Then move the elastic movement out of your feet inside And certainly an apology after doing it No 1 Broken ankle of Hazard If you feel like a flag you can Get the best weapons With a victim on your side (guns) hit Hate and then go Another step To the opposite direction and do the move twice And go quickly You can also add degrees to it to become complete I do this right and I will retire Here you are friends five skills of convicted Hazard thanks Ned And if you want to watch some Skills Click on the video of the Empape Klien Do not forget to subscribe Click on this button If you want to watch more like this video But the question is who is the second player Choose us by typing in the comments See you later