Today we are going to show you 5 soccer tricks that are commonly used by Kyilian Mbappé And in fact, I was supposed to show you, but like Nate, who's usually behind the camera, he's such a fan of ninja turtles, and he loves Donatello, who kind of insisted on doing it, so I'd better put on this evil mask to be a Destroyer

the cruel defense # 5 TOUCH AND (DASH) Number five: The "touch and run" This movement is used by sprinters, and is the most used by Mbappé Run towards your opponent, and reduce the speed just before you hit it

Open the body, and give it a tap to pass it, with an explosive acceleration # 4 THE ZIG-ZAG Number four The zig-zag This movement is particularly good for dazzling the defenses with rapid changes of address Face the defender, make a sharp touch to the side, and use your inertia to move you away, while he lets you go, to make another mischievous move in the opposite direction, and leave him vilely on earth

Just make sure you do not confuse yourself during the process # 3 THE CHANGE OF DRAGGING FROM BEHIND Number three: The trailing change from behind This movement is particularly good for getting out of trouble Trick your opponent, giving a little touch the ball in one direction, and then drag it back in a 90 ° movement in "V", to move in another direction

And if your time is right, you will leave the defense wondering, out of hand, Where the hell did you go? # 2 THE BICYCLE OF A LEG Number two: The one-legged bicycle Our second favorite Mbappé trick, is useful for when you face the defender directly To get it out, move the ball forward with your dominant foot, and just before the defender leaves On you, make a bicycle with your non-dominant foot, and leave for the other side Remember, to sell the trick really, change all your body weight

# 1 THE FALSE RABONA Number one: The fake rabona That trick is probably more to please the rostrum, than an effective maneuver, but if you do it right, It will look absolutely crazy Roll the ball in front of your non-dominant foot, and get ready to do a rabona, making a quick movement with your dominant foot, behind your support leg Instead of following him, jump, and tap the ball, to deceive your opponent and get away for standing ovations So, there you have, friends: 5 tricks performed by Kylian Mbappé And if they want to learn even more Movements, perhaps more colorful, go and check the video of Neymar, clicking right here below We also do other great things: reviews, game tests, even more soccer feints

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