What's up, guys! Here PWG, and I know a good one happened, but finally I'm back on the Unisport channel

And today I'm going to show you three simple variations of one of the movements easier than there is the "Trapped with Knee"

But before going with them, let's get into the "Trapped with Knee" Well, the "Trapped with Knee" is as simple as the name suggests: use the knees, and catch the ball; that's it

But the easiest way to learn it is with hands, drop the ball, and when it bounces again, bend the knees slightly, and press it again with both of them, at the same time Now that you can also do it from the pull-ups, when you're more comfortable

with the catch This is a very good trick by itself, but there are tons and tons of variations out there what you can do before and after the "Caught with Knee", and today, I'm going to show you three of them KNEE BLOCKING WITH KNEE Variation number one: "The Lock of Trapped KNEE BLOCK WITH KNEE with Knee

"Starts in the trapped position, so and stand on your non-dominant leg, with your dominant leg fully straight Now, drop the ball, keep your eyes on him, and prénsalo with ankles As you can see, it does not have much science CROSSED OF CATCHED WITH KNEE Variation number two: "Crossed of Trapped with Knee ", and just as the name implies, just look to do it from the position of the" Trapped ", but it's a little different from the normal "Crusader" So, start it here, from the "Trapped" position, and now, look for the ball to roll between your knee, and the one on the back of your other foot Now, just jump with your toes pointing up, and give it time perfectly TRAPPED WITH VAM Variation number three: "Trapped with VAM", and for this, we seek to do the internal VAM, not the external VAM We start, as always, in the "Trapped" position, in the same way as in the "Crusader", rolling it, to almost keep it between the knee, and the one in the back, but instead of stopping it and doing "The Crusader",

seeks to complete the entire movement of "VAM", in one go, very quickly A) Yes I hope you enjoyed this video, and learned something new, guys But remember: although these be easy movements, they need to put time and effort, in order to improve every day Be sure to leave a "Like", and comment what trick they want me to teach next time, guys

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