Today we are going to teach you five more demented tricks, football, which are commonly performed on the court, by Lionel Messi, so that they can have more cool tricks in their lockers, if they want to shine along the pitch, like gold itself

Now, as you know, Messi is not millions of showy bicycles, but, instead, uses his speed, agility, and ability, to read the match, move on to your opponents, and keep it real If they master these five movements, they will be lethal yourselves, like Messi

# 5 MASTER BODY FINTA Trick number five, is the "Master Body Finta", which is great, if you're stuck in the sideline, with an opponent right in front of you, and you are running at a slow pace, or standing still What you do here is that you use your whole body and your foot, to perform a real body feint, but instead of touching the ball properly, you put your foot behind him, and the moment you hit the floor like that, you use it to really push him back in the direction you came And what is left is to take the ball with the inside of the foot, move to your opponent, and smile seriously on the way home

If you can do it at speed, you are the teacher, my friend # 4 TURN The number four is, the one I call: "El Giro" Now, this movement is very simple, and very effective; Messi uses it all the time If you find yourself running wildly, what you do is stop the ball with the sole of your foot, and then start covering it with your body, what you do next is turn your back on your opponent; later, you give the ball a touch to any of your sides

By doing that, you basically turn 90 ° to go rolling and get away from your opponent, leaving him dizzy turning on himself, while you smile throughout the tour # 3 SPOON TUNNEL Number three is the "Spoon Tunnel", # 3 SPOON TUNNEL which is great if you are running at high speed, crossing the entire court Here you wait until you actually want to cut in, and there's a defense on the road That's when you do the normal "spooning", you keep your body turning

to the direction in which you want to go, and later, while the defense is launched to stop you, you, basically, "spoon" the ball between your legs, to spend it at ease Gently, like Leo himself # 2 TROUBLED WITH CROQUETA The number two is the one I call: # 2 TROUBLED WITH TROWEL "Trapeze Twist with Croquette", which is one of the least orthodox movements that Messi has ever done It was on purpose? Who cares!! Well, with your back to the defender, you use your dominant foot to drag the ball in quickly, to your non-dominant foot, stopping it completely

And as long as the defender passes you and starts to arrive, you take it with a fine croquette Messi does this at true high speed, that's why it's hard to see what

he's doing, or if he even wanted to, but you, of course, can do it much more slowly as long as, you pass your opponent

# 1 ROLLED WITH TUNNEL And finally, number one: the "Rolled with Tunnel", which is a disgusting move that will ruin races, and break hearts Once again, crossing the field, with some space around you, and with the defense rushing towards you

with speed, being very close, basically you wait for it to be too, separate your legs, and then you roll the ball through them, with the inside of your sole Make use of its inertia against you, and completely clear it !! But use it with caution, because your feelings will be hurt So, there you have it, friends: Five more plays that are commonly used on the court by Leonel Messi

We hope you have learned one or two things from the same God But who should we do in the next? As always, let us know in the comments section, right from here below

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