What's up, guys! Here PWG, and today we have something really great for you Recently I went to the crazy event Future de Puma, in London, with Mario Balotelli, and lots of Amazing people, and I also managed to go out with my friend Lisa Freestyle

I'm sure most of you has seen videos of Lisa on Instagram tuning people, and how it's so damn good, in that, I wanted to find out your opinion about which are the most effective ways to achieve a cheeky tunnel to anyone Here is what came out: Tunnel number one is the Saltarín Tunnel Lisa told me that this movement works insanely well, because the majority of people attack the ball when you have it between your legs, which is exactly what you are looking for When you see the defender attack the ball, you simply jump to the sides with him stuck between your feet, and drop it in the air, crossing the feet of the defender Yup, it's that simple Tunnel number two is the Knee Tunnel, and the idea is very similar to the Saltarín Tunnel

What you are going to do is stop the ball under your knee, and while the defender is going for it, drag it across the floor, to your other foot, and pass it through the opponent's legs According to Lisa, both movements work extremely well, simply because stopping the ball between your legs, or below your knee, causes the defenders to attack immediately The big ones of the tunnel use movements like these because they open the legs of the opponents And well, we all know what happens next Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, guys, and have learned some new movements tunnel so you can try them on your friends

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