Today I should have worn a wig, because we're going to show you some of the five coolest tricks that Luka Modric has done on the field

Now, maybe he's not the kind of colorful bicycles to the Neymar, or CR7, but, in fact you would be surprised to see how many players Modric has given them their review per game And in that respect, I can not even button it the shoelaces, but still, I brought Fred once again, from our social media team,

to give myself a juicy taste # 5 SINGLE BIKE The number five is the "Simple Bicycle", which is a very efficient trick, and something very good that Luka does all the blessed times, because it's flat, it works

Approaching the defense already, basically you make a small body feint, and while, make a bicycle with your dominant foot Once the opponent is unbalanced,

you go to one side of him with the other foot Simple, effective, and very Modric # 4 METIDITA WITH DRAGGING BACKWARDS The four, is the "Metidita with drag back" # 4 METIDITA WITH ARRASTE BACKWARD

a very effective movement, if you go running, # 4 METIDITA WITH ARRASTE BACK and you bring a defense on your back, but you want to turn, and rather, go to the other side What you do here is, start by rotating the upper part of your body

in the direction you want to leave Then, you drag the ball backwards with your dominant foot, and while the defense is thrown, you just push the ball forward, and you go running

on one side of him Just make sure you know you can beat him in speed, because otherwise, you'll look pretty silly

# 3 TUNNEL WITH EXTERNAL BIKE Number three, is the "Tunnel with External Bicycle", # 3 TUNNEL WITH EXTERNAL BICYCLE which is a brilliant move, if they lock you up # 3 TUNNEL WITH EXTERNAL BIKE on the fly, like Luka, when he performs

this move With the ball approaching you, make an outer bicycle with your dominant foot, as of a crossing movement, and then you use the outer part of your dominant foot, to carry out

a tunnel over your hurried defense, smiling all the way to the end SUBSCRIBE NOW # 2 LIGHTENED TO CONTINUE RUNNING Second, we have something that I call, # 2 LIGHTENED TO CONTINUE RUNNING "Levantadita to keep running"

Now what, # 2 LIGHTENED TO CONTINUE RUNNING is something you probably rarely have to do, # 2 LIGHTENED TO CONTINUE RUNNING but when the opportunity presents itself, of plane, you will see it completely

With the ball approaching you, and the hurried defender to lock yourself up, practically you use the tip of the foot, to lift it straight, with a soft touch, but try to create a little backward twist, because if you do it right, giving it the right time,

the defender will keep running, while you will continue to win Bye Bye!! # 1 THE DRILL OF MODRIC The last and final trick, is the one that I call: # 1 THE TRAILER OF MODRIC "The Dragged of Modric", which is a trick # 1 THE TRAILER OF MODRIC of mythical proportions, totally

Now, what you have to do it here, with the defender at your back, and receiving the ball directly in your dominant foot, try to grab it with the sole, and once you do, drag it back to your non-dominant foot

In the same fluid movement, use the same internal part, to propel it forward Now, it can be between the opponent's legs, you can use it as a pass to a partner, or simply, to put it forward, pursue the ball yourself

But no matter what, if you can execute this trick, well, my friend, you yourself will become of mythical proportions, as well as Luka So, there you have it, my friends; five demented tricks that are usually performed on the court, by Luka Modric himself And these are the tip of the proverbial iceberg of Modric's moves, or are they still crazy, to be in their repertoires? The big question is: Who should we do in the next? Well, as always, you should let me know in the section

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