Guys, today we'll show you five soccer tricks, which are usually from the Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah If you have ever seen a game of him, he does not really the most impressive climber or eye-catcher, no he prefers to use his speed, maneuverability and balance and this light ball touches to the opponent absolutely expose And today I teach you five of the tricks which he uses the most Number 5: the Salah soles Scooter, which It's great if you want to break a few joints At a relatively slow speed, pull the ball back with your sole and then roll it quickly with your sole forward again and if you do that quickly and fluently enough The defender will need a wheelchair to leave the field Number 4: the soles Roller V Zieher use this trick when the defender blocks the direction you want to go First, play the ball away from the defender and pull him then back with the foot farthest from him and finally push the ball away from him with the sole off to this movement to create

And if you can do it with speed you will be able to change direction on the spot, like Salah Number 3 is the ultimate bodyfin, what a great trick is if you want to piss on him do a feint in front of the defender, but instead just to lower the shoulder you use your entire body and let your ball lie Do not forget to sell the feint well and if that works You are absolutely blatant, but if the defender does not fall for it haha well then you are just laughed at Number 2 is something I call the Pharaoh Touch the ball a few times in the penalty box and run parallel to the goal, then make a sharp movement with the ball to make the goal line when the defender follows Make a quick body fin in your direction and when he takes the bait you explode away from him continue to the goal line and finally number 1 of Stubser and the race, which was the trick most used by Salah as a young player and it's pretty simple: you have to wait until the defender is close to you, then you fit the ball around him and then, last but not least, make sure you go faster back on the ball as he is In other Words: Renn Forest, reeeeeenn So there you have my friends, five cool tricks that on the place of the Egyptian pharaoh during his career were made And hopefully they will help you a bit with a few add some tricks to your game Which player should we to do next? Let us know in the comments! Of course you can also upgrade your equipment like Salah, by getting new stuff via this link

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