My friends, today We're gonna teach you five wicked football skills that I usually done under pitch by Alexis Sanchez and tell me out We got a guy from behind the camera He's called Nate See, the thing is, that Nate has been watching a lot of Star Trek lately so he decided that today He's gonna be Nate teeth Kirk beam me up Scotty Number five the elastico scoop

Our first move is a great alternative to the normal elastico Facing the defender you move the ball away from you with the inside of your foot and then quickly flap it back in a ninety Degree movement It's basically like the elastico with the first move using the inside instead of the outside of your foot Number four is the sanchez special which is great for when you close down on the wing with the defender right behind you if you're right footed take a small touch to your left and step over the ball doing a body feint to trick the defender and Once he recovers you turn your body facing him and scoops the ball away with the outside of your foot Nail this and you put the king of the pitch Now there's a very good reason trick number three is called the hocus pocus because if you can pull it off It's like pure magic Facing an on rushing defender, you drag the ball behind your standing leg with the inside of your strong foot in the same motion quickly tap it forward in a way with the top of your foot and make sure it's fluid and fast to roast him like a barbecue chicken Number two the reverse step overs This trick is a Serious showboat move and there is a lot of risk involved unless you got those sweet 5-star skills Take a small touch forward and catch the ball with your weak foot drag it backwards and do a reverse outside step overs while moving or jumping backwards and Finally pull off a chop with your strong foot to escape all this madness And Finally number one the Sanchez tribute um Technically Sanchez hasn't done this quite yet But we seriously want to see him trying it for United so Alexis if you're watching this please pay attention To do this move all you have to do is to perform a fake rabona But at the end of the move you gently tap the ball against the standing leg to push it forward If Nate can do it, I bet Alexis can do it And actually I think you can do it, too Right so there you go five things you need to learn if you want to rock out and be skillful like Alexis Sanchez And here's another pro tip for you guys If you want to see even more cool skill moves? you can go click the green bottle over my head to subscribe to our channel Remember to turn on them notifications And if you want to learn skill moves that I usually done by Kylian Mpabbe, go click the video right down there leave Us a comment if you had a good time That's it guys Signing off, Cheerio