Today we are going to teach you five insanely insane skills of Kylian Mbappe And, initially, Nate was going to do them, but he came down when injured in the warm-up

So today, I will be Natian Mbappe # 5 QUICK CHANGE Number five: The "Quick Change" Let's start with the movement that Mbappe does all the time And it does work Facing the defense, slow down, and get ready to explode

Gently touch the ball in one direction, and go very quickly to the other side This movement has to be done at the rhythm of the lightning # 4 LUXURY ROLLING Number four: The "Luxury Shot" This movement is great to change direction too, and it is not too difficult With the defender by your side, make a roll with the sole to protect the ball, and then make another one, but this time,

do it with a cut The clipping gives you power to prove that things are serious with you, and you can even do this as a way to pass the ball to a teammate # 3 THE DECEPTION Number three, "The Deception" This ability, is of primary material, for a one vs one Roll the ball between your legs; Then make a "Bicycle", and then change your body weight

on the other side, to pretend that you're going in that direction The defender will take the bait, and all you have to do now is go in the opposite direction once more If you can do this, with Mbappe's level of agility, nobody else can ever take the ball away, again # 2 CAÑO A CIEGAS Number two, the "Caño a Ciegas" I love this play It is super effective, and extremely humiliating When you feel that the defender is rushing, it's time to shine, big boy !! With your back to the opponent, roll the ball between your legs

and his Some might say that this is a double tunnel Finally, make a small jump to avoid being run over by the irate defense

# 1 TUNNEL TRAP AND number one; the "Tunnel Trap" This last skill, is one that I would like to see from Mbappe, in the future So, this one is for you, Kylian Step on the ball, jump, and then use your other foot to give it a soft touch Now, here is when it gets a bit deceptive, because you quickly give the ball another touch

again, using your dominant foot, and making it go to "Tunnel City" Filthy, filthy, filthy! Go to the rubber, Nate !! So, there you have it, my friends! Five more skills of Kylian Mbappe, who can add to his repertoire, and perform magic in the field This is the second part; If you want to see the first one, you can click the video right down there But what player should we do in the next? How always, let us know

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Adiosito! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}