What is up guys pwg here And today I'm gonna teach you guys the iconic Ronaldinho roll back flick and this is what it looks like And just to make it easier for you guys I'm gonna break it down into three different steps roll stop and flick Step one the roll start by rolling the ball with the sole of your foot on the side of your body start turning and position your foot Step two: the stop so now that you're into position stop the ball with the outside of your foot with the foot on top of the ball with crossed legs And now to the final and most important part of the trick the flick When you're in the stop position Roll the ball backwards with the outside of your foot and then flick it up with the inside of your foot Like that There are a few do's and dont's tips and tricks in order for you to land this easier so first of all Don't stress the trick just land the movement and learn how to do it properly and then you can speed up and make it more fluid second stop the ball with the outside of your foot like this not with the toe and not with a sole and lastly roll the ball backwards the same way it came from because if you do like this You won't be able to make the flick up So that was it for this video hope you guys found it helpful And if you did leave a massive thumbs up and a comment down below on what? Kind of trick you want to see in the next video? also Remember to subscribe by clicking the green bubble here beside my head and also check out the playlist down below for more Tutorials and until next time see you guys