What is up guys pwg here and today i'm paying tribute to one of the most iconic Football players that ever set foot on a pitch Rawdon yo not only was he an amazing football player But he was also in the forefront of making what football freestyle is today So now it's my turn to pay my respect by showing you the top five ronaldinho skills Number five the elastico the traditional elastico is performed on the ground But there is nothing traditional about Ronaldinho that is why I start on the ground and ended in the air Number four the pendulum heel chapeu not much needs to be said about this I love this trick start with a ball on foot stall like this a little bit higher and roll the ball all the way back Release it go around the ball and heel it over your head Number three the Switchfoot an underrated old-school trick that is not really being used anymore But it looks hella dope start with the ball on foot stall Put your heel on the ground and do a step over with your weak and scoop the ball up like that Number two the classic rounding your signature combo Start by rolling the ball with your strong foot towards your weak foot and now do a small lift with your weak foot when you Get it real high enough clench it between your heel and your butt include real hard when you catch it here You're supposed to get the ball over your head so release the ball and roll your ball down your leg with a pendulum motion like this Number one the flick up erricka the badassery and the attitude put into this trick is unparalleled Hope you guys enjoy the video And if you did leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below with your favorite Ronaldinho memory personally It was all the yoga put into commercials because it was a huge Inspiration for me when I started freestyling remember to subscribe for more awesome content like this and with that said move – arigato Plein de and I will see you guys next time