Boys, today we're going to show you five of the craziest soccer tricks that have been made in a World Cup ever

Now, some of the tricks that many people associate with her, for example, the "Giro de Cruyff" has already been done a lot, that's why we may have excluded it, for another cool trick So, without further ado, let's move directly to it

# 5 JAMES RODRÍGUEZ Number five: James Rodríguez This is an insolent move, which is very effective Go outside, threaten with a shot, go back a step, and come back where you came from This is total confusion, and you will be alone to shoot SUBSCRIBE NOW # 4 JAY-JAY OKOCHA Number four: Jay-Jay Okocha Jay-Jay made this move against Denmark in 1998, but the Danes still won 4-1 In short, facing the defender, you make a roll with the sole through your legs, and change everything

the weight of your body to sell the movement When the defender swallows it, you go to the other side It's simple # 3 ÁNGEL DI MARÍA Number three: Ángel Di María Di Maria made this move against two defenses, in fact, but I am the only one here

Damn budget cuts! If they cornered you, choose this movement: make a small bicycle, and then quickly the "Croqueta" Your path will be clear, then # 2 BICYCLES ON CR7 BICYCLES Number two: "Bicycles on CR7 Bicycles" Ok guys, be careful here Run towards your defense, start a bicycle madness,

external and internal, internal and external, internal, and so on They want me to repeat it? Well, external and internal, internal and external, internal # 1 Ilham Mansiz Y, number one: Ilham Mansiz This is a brilliant movement made in 2002 against Brazil Make a small touch, or rolled with the sole; step on the ball, and then do the little lift of the "Rainbow" Fortunately for Nate, I'm not the tallest guy in the world, so, boys, choose the right opponent,

and good luck So, there you have it, friends; Five of the coolest tricks we've ever seen do in the World Cup

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