yo yo yo Liicht in the house, Pannahouse and Street Soccer International one big Street family we bring you the tutorials we bring you the knowledge check this out we're gonna be learning the bird trap alright guys the bird trap you know what it is flying up high bringing the ball up I'm sure you don't know the mousetrap for the original og trick where you feint the opponent to one side but here we're actually bringing the ball up into the air alright so as the same same thing with the mousetrap we're gonna have to make a revolution around the ball okay but first we're gonna figure out how we're gonna pick the ball from the ground up into the air okay so this is what you want to do you want to make sure you hold the ball with the outside of your foot okay and now you're gonna bring it back onto your foot so it kind of crawls up onto it then we're going to try and bring it up into the air okay if it crawls onto your foot you can lift your foot up bring the ball up into the air okay I want to make sure that you get comfortable with this okay you've got to be able to bring it up into your hands almost like nine out of ten times okay when you start when you feel like you've gotten the lift up down we're gonna have to try and bring the ball a little bit outwards okay because we're gonna have to trap the opponent so when you lift it up try lifting more outwards you know out this way okay and as you get more comfortable doing that we're gonna go over the ball watch over you see what I did when my foot was about to lift the ball I extended it outwards as I lifted the ball because then I have to time to make the revolution okay let me try flip lift extend grab easy yo yo Ali come here okay guys check it out I brought the youth world champion 2016 Danish panna champion okay I'm gonna use them as a little mascot here so I can show you how the trick works you ready Ali all right just this with the mouthtrap yeah we're bringing the ball outwards okay and we kind of want to have a little bit space between us and the opponent because the tie takes a little time for you to make the feint and take the ball okay but when we grab it in the air it's gonna take even longer time because the ball comes from the air onto that ground that little time you need that little space does that make sense if you have the space you have the time to make the move and time for the opponent to react to the move alright guys hope you enjoyed the bird trap I know it's a hard trick keep going at it and you will get it trust me if there's something you don't understand there's something you feel like that's missing from this tutorial just hit us up in the comments below we will be there answering your question from their own just subscribe like this video and we will see you in the next one