What's up, guys! Here, PWG, and today I'm going to show you the little Göetze pickup Göetze's little lift consists of two simple tricks: a little lift with a sole tread,

and a rebound on the toes But both must be made in the perfect position in order to do well

So, let's break it down in three steps: lift, posture, and rebound in the fingers This, of course, means that you need to master the rebound on the tips of your fingers, before SUBSCRIBE NOW

start with this And if you want to learn it, SUBSCRIBE NOW I have JayMike here to do it, even though he is one of the worst freestylers in the world Click here above, and learn it, before moving on STEP 1: THE LEVANTADITA Step one: "La Levantadita"

STEP 1: THE LEVANTADITA It is important to achieve this part well, STEP 1: THE LIGHTENER because it prepares everything for the rest of the trick Start rolling the ball, with the sole of your foot, and let it bounce on the outside

Make sure you give enough speed and enough height; because without enough height, this trick will be hellishly difficult STEP 2: POSTURE Step two: "Posture" After the ball bounces on your foot, quickly uncross your legs, and lower your foot to the floor slightly angled to the ball

In this way, you will gain inertia, and it will be much easier to do the bounce STEP 3: REBOUND ON THE FINGERS Step three: "The Bounce on the fingers" Here, you let the ball bounce over the toes of your foot, if you lift them, and swing your other leg over the ball, to catch it And that's it

You have just released "La Levantadita de Göetze" Now, to make sure you make it easier, try to avoid these common mistakes First, do not roll the ball towards your heel, because you would not prepare anything Second, avoid rolling it too slowly, because it will not give you enough height in the rebound Finally, do not rush the rebound on the fingers, and do not swing the leg too much earlier

Since you've learned Göetze's little lift, you can also flip it, reverse it, and do what I call, "La Levantadita de PW-Göetze" They heard him here first, boys There you have it, friends A few simple steps of how to learn the "Levantadita de Göetze",

although remember: these types of tricks require a lot of training, so go out and practice, but first, let me know in the comments section below, what trick do you want to learn to the next Also, be sure to subscribe to our channel, with notifications activated,

for weekly trick videos, and I'll see them next time Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}