What's up, guys Here PWG, and today we are going to give a good dive in a trick called "The Martinete",

also known as the "Bounce with the Knee" In fact, I had already made a video with JayMike of this trick

Click on this link here, if you have not seen it Now, "The Martinete", "Rebound of Knee", is the perfect way to start, from a beginner freestyler So, let's start To be able to achieve the "Knee Bounce", you first need to learn the "Fixed Foot" SUBSCRIBE NOW And if you have not learned it yet, see right here

the tutorial I did Well, to start, all you need to do is lift the ball a little bit; then, hit him with the knee, and let him bounce

A) Yes There are some points to consider to make it easier The first is to give him time If the ball goes away very high, or very low, can not do it in good weather; and that goes for the little lift, and for the bounce

Second, they must keep the shin horizontally to the ground, in order to have the correct bounce, so that the ball does not go away And finally, make sure that when you get up, that you also go off your feet,

because if not, it will only roll through the shin, and nothing will happen As I mentioned, the trick itself is quite easy, but you can add a wide variety of tricks, to make it as difficult as you want And here I'm going to show you three of those variations Number one is: "Knee Bounce, Knee Grip" They need to make the rebound straight, so they can easily grab the ball with the knee

When they grab him, do not raise one of his legs Keep both on the ground, and grab it

Number two, "Knee Bouncing Around the World" For this, it is important to get the correct rotation They can do the external, or internal, does not really matter What does matter is that they have the ball at the correct height

I try to aim at the knee level to make the "Around the World" easier Now, after you've turned around the ball, you have to point your fingers up, before you finish it

And finally, number three "Bounce of Knee Touzani" This is a little more deceptive than the previous two, because it has two elements added, instead of just one You have to know the "Around the World", and cross it, in a single movement So, you need the correct time at 100%, to achieve this Then, do the "Knee Bounce", go for the "Around the World" external, and in the air, make a jump to cross it, in the same movement It's complicated, but I think they can do it Well, that was all for this tutorial I hope you found it useful and entertaining

And yes yes, leave a comment below Also let me know what other trick they want me to teach them next time

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Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}