What's up guys! Here PWG, and today, I'm going to show you the rocket, from Neymar, which is a movement of explosiveness, that you can do in a small space, to pass to the defense

It is a variation of the "Rainbow" lift, and nothing else The difference between Neymar's rocket, and the "Rainbow" lift, is that when you do Neymar's rocket, jump with both feet at the same time without rolling the ball on the heel

The result is still the same: Total devastation I am going to break it down into three different steps: Positioning, Launching, and Liberation For step one, look for the ball right in front of you, and lock the ball between your ankles, like this: Step two: jump, bend your knees, and look over the shoulders A) Yes: For step three, you need to give the correct time to release the ball over you, and the opponent SUBSCRIBE NOW Even though it seems to be an easy trick, SUBSCRIBE NOW

there are many ways that could go wrong One of them, is that you do not turn on your shoulders when you let go of the ball You need to keep

visual contact with him, at all times Second, do not lean forward enough, because if you stay like this: just throw the ball straight

Finally, do not let go of the ball at the right time But that's something I can not teach you, so, just leave, and train, train, and train In order to be able to perform the trick quickly, and potentially use it in a game, I would suggest that you start with the ball on the floor, with your ankles tightening the ball when you throw it When you already have that, go some steps back; leave the ball there, and take a little race, before releasing it

And when you already have that, you must do a little race with the ball before lazarle Finally, when you have it in your pocket, bring a friend, and throw the ball on you and him Make sure the ball is close to your head and shoulder, so that when you release it on both of you, the opponent does not have time to react We hope you enjoyed the video, guys, and that you do it before your friends

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Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}