Today we are going to take a look at the amazing ball reception of Ronaldinho, and Dimitar Berbatov, to try to learn some of the secrets behind that insane soft touch, like a cat's footprint, where they both kill the ball, just like that, out of nowhere

We hope you can take homework, and learn one or two things, from those two bosses, so they can improve their game First, let's take a preliminary step, and let's see what Berbatov, and Ronaldinho, actually do

by killing the ball completely without sweating the big drop And keep in mind that, while I, by no means am a virtuoso of this technique, just like them, just by seeing them in action, we can learn a lot

// THE ANALYSIS Look at both types You can see how they use the foot to cool the ball, and take away as much energy as possible And, probably, notice how they give you the time to touch the ball right before it hits on the floor, in order to eliminate it from recovering again and bouncing, by minimizing the distance

that the ball has to travel after touching it, before it reaches the ground And also, you can see how they use their eyes to follow the ball at all times, and adjust the position of their bodies constantly, making sure to have the perfect balance

to the point of impact And of course; they simply love football Just listen to what Berbatov himself has to say: Be friendly with the ball Do not hurt him; the ball does not want to cry Imagine that the ball is your wife, or your girlfriend, yes? Be nice, with him // THE PRACTICE And although it takes a long time to perfect it, // THE PRACTICE

you can practice it especially if you concentrate in finding the right technique to properly cool the ball; which is cool, because that's also one of the key elements in your game, to improve the first touch, in general

Now, in what you should look to concentrate here, is to have a flexible joint in the ankles, and also think about how to tilt the foot, because for this movement, you will use the part of the fingers Especially, because your foot, and the ankle joint, can bend a lot like that,

but not so much; and the more you can bend your foot, the more force the ball can absorb, like a sponge Well, while you're preparing to touch the ball, bend your foot up, along with your fingers, to make a small cradle for the ball

Also, flex the joint of your ankle, just a little; nothing near the maximum, in asboluto Then, while the ball goes down, you wait for the ball to be just above the ground You move the foot to remove it, of course, and you touch it very gently In the fraction of a second after touching the ball, you loosen the ankle joint, to allow your foot to bend naturally from the impact with the ball Afterwards, you also take your foot, so that the ball does not bounce, and as well, you will already be close to the ground, the ball will not bounce that much either Again, let me be very clear with you: you are not going to master this by just practicing a few hours from time to time, no This requires years of dedication I mean, there's a reason why there are very, very few people out there who could get it out consistently;

with such sublime reception control, like Berba, and 10R With that said, you can practice it and become better at it, making it more natural // THE EXERCISE AND they can do it, forming a small box, // THE EXERCISE

stand in the middle of it, release the ball of the hands, and practice killing the ball And they can only advance until they realize exactly how the foot should behave,

so they can kill the ball almost every time Since they have settled more with that, they can start to dominate the ball and kick it a little higher, to cool it inside the box When they have acquired more and more confidence in their ability, they can challenge themselves by throwing the ball more and stronger, until you are ready to try and give the most extreme demonstration SUBSCRIBE NOW of Berbatov and Ronaldinho, just like this one

Well, not precisely, so maybe I should take off my clothes A) Yes they do that to him, they kick the ball

and control // ERRORS Now, some of the most common mistakes // ERRORS

what to look for to avoid are, of course, // ERRORS hitting, touching, or kicking, too hard, that will bounce your feet, like this: Also, try to avoid accidentally hitting the ball with the ankle, or the shin guard, because the ball is going away will know God where And finally, do not forget to point your toes up, because if not, you will lose a lot of that "cooling effect", and the ball will bounce them away All this makes the trick much harder to get out

Therefore, help yourselves, and try to avoid them, in the long run, when you practice We do not deceive anyone here, boys; This is very difficult Otherwise, everyone would do it; although at least, these are good guidelines And I hope that with some practice, you improve your game in general But what should we do in the next? You should let us know, as always, in the comments section, right here below

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to learn more epic soccer moves; which they can also do if they sting him to the playlist down there With that said, guys, I disconnect Adiosito! Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}