Boys, today we're going to show you how to throw with a chiffon You already know that it is something slightly strange,

but also, a shot that looks amazing We use the outer part of the shoe, to get that curve in the form of banana, and put the ball in the top corner, of course

Maybe you have already seen Ricardo Quaresma doing this, practically all his life We have a problem: and that is the fact that, as you can see, I need to work a lot in my chanfle, so, to help you, and myself, I brought a friend, and as you can see it's damn good at that; He even hit the crossbar !! Now that, maybe you know him; from Canada, "SoccerReviews4ucom", Josh

-As you have is -Epale, épale is John -No, Josh

It's all over the internet -Jay, in fact -The last time I checked was Jay Well, step one is like two parts, because it has to do with the approach, as well as, with the way you plant your foot Typically in the approach, many take a few steps back, and then, a step or two to the right Almost like a straight line to the ball, which is easier The difficult, the deceptive, is that it requires practice, it is where you put your foot Normally, they get very close of the ball, but it has to be a little bit further away, in order to have room to swing the leg,

get around the ball, and pass the support foot Step two is really easy, it has to do with the impulse that you would do in a normal beating; and it's extra important when you hit the ball with the outer part of the foot Because, if you do not give impulse, all the energy will be lost It's a half uncomfortable movement, but once you get used to it to do it, making it more natural, the force will come easily Step three has to do with where you make contact on the ball, and that will depend on how strong you are, as well as your technique When you hit the ball, you usually tend to hit it in the middle Obviously, for an external curve, you're going to look to hit it out Here's the thing: the more outward you make contact, the more force is going to be required in the leg,

in order to generate force If you go more for half, strength will come easier, but of course the ball it's not going to be that bad

This is more of adjustment, with what you have to play Again: here, practice makes perfect, but it's something you have to be aware of when you try to pull with external chanfle

Step four is something that many people do not consider, and it is to bend the ankle Clearly, you must make sure your foot is in the correct position to make contact with the ball, but making sure that your ankle is physically bent during all contact, is when you go to

lose or gain strength If your ankle is somewhat flaccid, you will not get the shot, you will not get any strength, and simply, it will not work So, bending the ankle is extremely important Well, the fifth and final point is what you are really going to do, or undo, that your skill becomes better for this technique, and it has to do with herself

When you practice this, focus on being calm, focus on making good contact with the ball, focus on everything we've talked about specifically about technique, rather than force If you focus too much on the strength, your technique will never improve, and you will have a terrible external chanfle

for the rest of your life Concentrate on being calm, and making a clean contact; this is how you are going to improve

So, to summarize everything: One, approach where you are going to plant your foot, it is extremely important Two, the impulse is where all the strength will come from

Three, where you make contact on the ball is what you have to work on Number four, bend the ankle properly is quite important And then, finally, when you practice, work in calm, work on your technique; That should be your focus, instead of strength Well guys, we hope you have learned to perform the "Chanfle" As you probably have seen in me, well, it takes time to perfect

So, I have to work yet, and that's what you they must remember: they may have the technique, they may have all the knowledge of how to do it, but keep in mind that they must train, train, and train; work, work and work

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