Hey guys whats up? And welcome to a new video on my channel! And today you will get a new tutorial! I will teach you 3 tricks from the one and only KYLIAN MBAPPE!! Okay guys lets start with the first one It going to be a matchskill and is called drag back switch

Its a effective one specially for changing directions! Similar to the ronaldo chop and looks like this: Okay the drag back switch is pretty simple and works like this: If you are right footed dribble to the right side When you facing the defender use your sole to guide the ball behind your weak foot to the opposite side Okay let move on with a freestyle skill The trick is called knee around the world and looks like this: The knee atw is a very easy one which you can learn pretty fast! Flick the ball up in the air and catch him between your knees Use your knee to flick the ball up again When the ball reached the highest point start to perfrom the around the world movement Okay guys now the last one for the ogs on the pitch! The trick is called fake rabona and looks like this! Okay the fake rabona is more for the posers on the pitch but is pretty easy to learn Guide the ball In front of your weak foot to the opposite side

Then you start to perform the rabona movement but instead of shoot the ball you pass him past the defender So guys thats it for today! I hope you liked it 🙂 You can vote up here which player I should choose next! And dont forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to stay up to date!