Welcome guys to a brand new tutorial on my channel! Today its all about a skill from nobody less than Paul Pogba I am sure that you can learn this trick pretty fast

So lets start So lets start with the Paul Pogba Skill which is better known as "heel atw" It is a pretty simple trick where the timing is the most important part You start with the basic footstall and then you do a backwards movement When you reached the highest point release the ball and start with the atw movement After the atw movement you kick the ball with your heel back up You can start to train this trick with an extra touch between the skill

You do the backwards movement with the footstall and at the highest point you let the ball go Before you do the atw move let the ball touch the ground So thats it for today I hope you liked it! Up here you can vote from which player the next trick should come from Thanks for watching See you next time and dont forget to subscribe 🙂