Today we are going to teach you some insane abilities of the two absolute gods since we're going to show you five plays by Messi and Ronaldo, so they can spice up their game,

learning some of the best tricks from both sides of the rivalry # 5 SPOON IN THE AIR Number five is the "Cuchareo en el Aire" An easy movement, but super effective; and that you can use almost in any situation

When the defender is entering hastily, nothing else gently raises the ball on his foot, and get away You can make this movement either a little down, or nothing else by lifting the ball

with a "spoon" movement to give it more style # 4 PICADITA CON FINTA CORPORAL Number four: the "Picadita de Finta Corporal" # 4 PICADA WITH BODY FINTA The classic movement of Messi, with a small twist, which you can do during both: running, and being still Start by doing the body feint, but instead of giving a normal touch in another direction, "spoon" the ball into the air, lifting your foot

Remember to point fingers up, and everything will go fable # 3 TOQUECITO CON BICICLETA Number three: The "Toquecito con bicicleta" When you are still, do this: take a step on the ball, and then, make a little tap with your other foot That the little touch is to make a "Croqueta" in the air Very deceptive for the opponent, and looks advanced level Therefore, who would not like? # 2 MESSI HYPNOTIZER Second, we have the "Messi Hypnotist" A great movement if you are cornered on the opposite flank

Let's say I'm on the left, with the defender at my back SUBSCRIBE NOW I touch back, and make a "Bicycle", from the outside in

I turn, and I give the ball another touch to push it away, with my dominant foot I stop it with the external part of the same foot, I make a corporal feint, and then, I cut inwards to hurt # 1 "THE CR7 TRABAPIERNAS" And the number one: "El Trabagiernas de CR7" This movement is impossible to explain, and anyway, we are not one hundred percent sure

that is effective, in fact But it is that it looks so sublime !! Basically you just have to do "Bicycles", body feints, rolled with the sole or whatever you want, there they are I mean, all I can say is "Look the photos" Sorry; is that, plainly, there is no way to explain this So, there you have it, my friends: five demented skills, which you have to learn from Messi, and Ronaldo But which of the two is, in fact, the best of all time? Well, as always,

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