The football fever is in the air, and My Talking Tom has a cool new minigame! It’s the final seconds of a match between Talking Tom and Talking Ben and as we expected Ben is no match for a star player Next up is the young and promising player Talking Ginger, he seems to be holding up really well against our champion, but … yes, apparently he will be needing another season of training

And now it seems that Tom is leaving the field for a short lunch break, let’s follow him into the canteen to see what will be on his menu And it is a bit surprising but not unexpected – the special footballer’s energizing bean A tough opponent is already prepared, Talking Hank is doing well Hank is very skilled, but unfortunately he can get confused sometimes And Hank scored a goal on himself, too bad, but it’s still a very tight situation

Tom scores a final goal Are you a football fan? Then choose the right style Go to your nearest clothes store to get yourself our new trendy Football Fan outfit! And now this is the final match between Tom and Angela We expect an elegant game with all bets clearly on Tom’s side It seems victory is near for Tom, but wow, Angela has shown some muscle

Goal for Tom and another goal for Angela The tide has clearly turned, it’s getting really tense out here A winning goal from Angela, can you believe it!? Angela has won the game and stolen the fame But knowing Tom, he’ll be practicing for the whole month to get back at Angela! Meanwhile you gotta download My Talking Tom and play the Goal! Mini-game! It’s action, it’s fun, and you can play it against your friends as well! Subscribe and watch the upcoming videos to find out if Tom is going to pick himself up from his stunning defeat by Talking Angela