What is up everyone pwg here and today I'm gonna teach you guys the easiest upper skill out there the neck stall and this is what it looks like So before we bring the ball into the mix, let's get the positioning right, use a broad stance, Keep your hands towards your armpits chest forward, and tense your neck now lean over 90 degree angle and look straight ahead and in the beginning it's Important that you use a friend to help you to put the ball on the neck and in my case mister sound guy Thank you very much, my friend and that is how you do the neck stall As you may have figured out stalling the ball on the neck it's not a difficult part, however Catching the ball on your neck is, so what you want to do is start with the ball in your hands throw the ball up in the air keep your eyes on the ball up until the last second where you will do a suspension movement with your knees and your upper body at the same time like this When you are comfortable catching the ball on your neck like this It is time for you to do it from either foot stall or juggling because that's when you truly landed the trick 100% In theory this trick is extremely easy But there are a few do's don'ts and whys that I will explain to you to land it even easier so the broad stance, the reason why you want to stand like this and not like this is because you want to have the suspension with your knees easier to be able to land the ball on your neck as We're keeping your hands towards your armpits, chest forward and tensing your neck doing all these three movements at the same time will help you To get a bowl on the top of your back which will ultimately help you to get the ball to rest easy without failure now If you do like this, you will not have that bowl and the ball would just roll off unless you're a professional freestyler, you can do it without failure Another important thing to remember is that you keep this 90 degree angle and keep looking up Although it is called an neck stall, It's actually stalled on the top of your back resting toward the back of your head So if you're not looking up the ball will roll off this way And if you're not leaning forward enough, the ball will roll that way Regarding the catch, timing is key when you throw the ball up in the air Make sure to keep your eyes on the ball for as long as possible before going into suspension mode if you go into suspension mode Too early, you will have no idea where the ball will land and it will most likely Not land on your neck on the contrary if you go there too late There is a big chance for the ball to hit your head on the way down So to quickly sum it all up have a broad stance hands towards your armpits chest forward tense your neck Lean over 90 degree angle and look up and when you're gonna catch the ball Remember to keep your eyes on the ball and go into suspension mode with the perfect timing Hope you guys enjoyed this video remember this trick requires precise timing and that is something that I can't teach you directly But you have to go out there and train train train try again fail Try again fail in order to get the move, right? so go out there and Train leave a like and a comment down below on what trick you want to see me teach you guys next time Also, check out the playlists here for more tutorials But most importantly click this bubble right here to subscribe to our Channel and I will see you guys next time