I think us Argentines have a great passion for football The love for football in Argentina has been growing for a long time and the passion is huge, that’s why we love football so much

Guys and girls, today we are out here, behind-the-scenes with adidas football and of course the legendary Paulo Dybala – How are you? – Very good, you? – I'm great – Awesome! Paulo Dybala is known for his incredible ability on the ball and since we met up with him at an urban location, we wanted to see his TOP 3 favorite freestyle moves and this is what he came up with My first question, you just showed me some epic football skills Where do you nowadays find inspiration to learn new skills, maybe some teammates? Yes, I always try to see and learn what they do, I'm not one who likes to do many of those things

I’m usually very "simple" so I try to be the least luxurious in that sense But if I have a teammate who likes to do skills and things with the ball, then I always try to watch and copy – but yeah, I'm not really one to do a lot of those things And at an early age, what was it about football that made you fall in love with the game? I think us Argentines have a great passion for football It also comes from our family: my father and my grandfather were very much into football and they gave the passion to me and my brothers I believe that's what made my love for football grow

Afterwards you of course have to work hard to become a professional footballer but I think the love for football in Argentina has been growing for a long time and the passion is huge: that’s why we love football so much Back in the days you spent a lot of time playing with synthetic boots but now you're playing with a leather boot with no laces What is it about the new Copa that you really like? The new Copa has great lockdown and that makes them feel very comfortable and very secure I think it's a fundamental thing And the Copa is a very legendary silo ever since the Copa Mundial

What are you gonna do to keep the legacy of Copa alive? I will obviously try to give my best as I always do I know what a great honor it is to lead the Copa silo but it's also a very big responsibility because of the players who have worn the boots, for the goals that have been scored with the boots and for what Copa means to adidas It's a very big responsibility – but I will take it with a lot of honor and always try to leave everything on the pitch as I've done to this day – Thank you, grande Paulo! – Perfect So, that was Paulo Dybala pulling off some pretty smooth skill moves that we dont get to see that often from the Juventus #10 and he also signed a pair of his new Copa 19 boots for us that you can have a chance of winning if you head over to our Instagram and look for the giveaway post

And lastly, I have a question for you guys: which professional player should we film with next time and what should we do with them? Comment all your ideas down below, and with those words – I'm out