Today we are going to show you five amazing plays that Sergio Agüero has used on the court, I will show them each and every one of them, in detail And not; there will not be any time "Agüero !!" on this occasion, because, as a United fan, frankly it makes my stomach sick Let's go!! # 5 BRAKE AND FOLLOW Number five: "Stop and Follow", which is a good soccer movement that works in uniqueness when you are Sergio Agüero

Of course, everything works in uniqueness when you're Sergio "Agüero", but in this particular movement, falls as a ring to the finger Now, running with the defender close to you, and with the road closed between you and the goal,

you use the foot closest to him, and you wear the outer part just to stop the ball with it there, potentially threatening to cut inward But stay on tiptoes, because in the second he moves, you will use the inside part from the same foot to drag the ball away from him, and keep running in the same direction, that is, forward # 4 EXTERNAL LIFTED NUMBER Four, the "Levantadita Externa" in shield, which is a movement of brilliant use, when you have your back against the goal,

and the defender pushing you When you receive a pass, be sure to bend your knees, and expand a little bit more, to withstand his attack But instead of just trapping the ball, or pass it back where it came from, use the outer part of the foot, to lift the ball outside the defense, and then, basically you follow him Now you can either go after the ball, or leave on the other side of your marker In the case of Sergio, well, he does both # 3 ROLLED TUNNEL Number three, The "Rolling Tunnel"

This is a pretty filthy trick; end of discussion Running forward, you can use this movement when the defender reaches you directly to face you And here, make sure that you make him unsure of where you want to go Maybe with a little body feint So, when he opens his legs, and scatters them to cover your way,

just roll the ball insolently through his legs, with the sole of your foot Of course it will not always work, so be sure to practice the time to discover when is the right time

But if it works for you, you can be blessedly sure that he will not send you a Christmas card # 2 LA CROQUETA Number two, The Croquet with body feint Look, Sergio Agüero may have taken some notes from his comrade Leo Messi, who is also an aficionado to use "La Croqueta" But, Agüero has his own touch on everything If you start with a feint body, and you make sure to drop the shoulders towards your dominant foot, will encourage the defender to get ready to take the ball SUBSCRIBE NOW AND just before you do, make sure you move it with this sliding movement, from your dominant foot, to your non-dominant foot, and then, push the ball to move it away with your non-dominant foot, with this soft almost jumping movement Make the ball and your foot move, because, otherwise, the defender will take it out And, speaking of Messi, he, in fact, is the godfather of the son of "Kun" Agüero There I leave you # 1 KUN SPECIAL And finally, number one, Kun's Special,

which, essentially is to make a couple of bodily feints, running at full speed Something in which the "Kun" is a specialist, is to lower his left flank Here, make sure you go at full speed, to always keep the defense chasing you,

and get closer and closer, so that you keep the baton At some point, start by covering the ball, putting yourself between it, and the defender Then lean to the left, pretending to go back to where you came from

Then, you lean back to the right, so you can make sure you lose the defender, after which you turn around, and you see what there is to do in the world, and see what comes next Either you go ahead, or you give him another overhauled Well, there you have it, friends; five crazy moves that are made on the court by Sergio, the "Kun" Agüero

We hope that, with a little practice, you can also add them to your repertoire But what player should we do in the next? They should let us know, as always, in the comments section, right here

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