Hey everyone and welcome to a new video! I thought I'd start a new tutorial series on this channel, where you have a chance to be on those videos The idea is that I ask you, which tutorial to make and feature you on the video

I'll tell you more specific instructions in the end of this video Here are the first suggestions I got from you First one is the rainbow flick This one is a classic and you've been suggesting this for a long time I made a tutorial on this a few years back, but you might not have seen it

I'd say there's two ways how to do this Of course you can do it however you like, but here's two ways that even the pros have used in games This first one is a bit more traditional I've done this so many times on videos too Put one leg in front of the ball

Toes pointing forward Then bring the other foot to the ball It should be tightly between your feet You make like a T letter with your feet Then you lift the ball up with the foot behind and lean forward at the same time

If you lean backwards or just stand still, the ball won't come over your back So, lean forward, lift the ball up and release it at the right time Then you use the heel of the front foot to kick the ball over your body This one is a bit different rainbow flick Neymar has done this many times in games

It looks great when done right In front of him he sees the defender who he wants to dribble past Last time I put my feet like this, like a T letter Now the ball should be between your feet like this Now you jump and keep the ball behind your back, but this time the jump looks more like this

Once again the other leg should be released off the ball at the right time and then flick the ball over yourself using the instep of the other foot Next question: How to make a rabona go higher? I can give you a few tips on that Now that the ball is there, you should take a straight run up like this Go to the side of the ball The angle can be really big

Almost 90° This way the contact with the ball feels more natural Then, which part of the foot should you use and where to kick? Use the bottom of your laces I don't have them, but you know what I mean Definitely not the toes

I should look like this You see the outsole of my boot and the outstep touches the ground The bottom of the laces hits the ball nicely Of course, try to hit a bit under the middle of the ball, so you can get it off the ground Then maybe the most important thing, the follow through

If you stop it here, you'll just make a chip and when shooting a rabona it won't fly far Just try to shoot through the ball and make the follow through as long as possible Bending your standing leg helps a lot, because if it's completely straight More balls If the standing leg is straight, you wont be able to make a long follow through Bend it and you'll be able to make a better follow through This has been the first episode of this new tutorial series Here's how you can send your suggestions! You can send them on Instagram Direct @ilaripro Please send a video suggestion rather than just sending a text

The video is way more interesting to watch You can film yourself just like this, and tell me for example, "Hey Ilari, I'd like to see a rainbow tutorial" Just like this time, but a video That's more entertaining to watch Send me your tutorial video suggestions on Instagram Direct so I can make more videos like this! Out of breath

See you guys next time, bye!