Welcome to this new tutorial on my channel In the last one you voted that the next tutorial should be about skills you can use in game

So today I will teach you 3 cool skills you can use in your next games So lets start with the first skill This trick is very useful if you want to change your direction of running, So you do a fake step over and use you sole to guide the ball away from the defender So the defender will ran in the wrong way Okay lets contiune with the second trick The trick is called tonado spin and is a quit easy to learn

Use both of your foots to stop the ball Then use your strong foot to bring the ball along your weak foot up in the air and turn 360 degree The trick is a bit hard to do in a match but if you Train hard this trick will help you to boss your defender So your heard it right, train hard So lets finish with the knee akka This trick is bit harder to learn but if you use this trick in your next game you will be the boss on the pitch! The trick works like this: You guide the ball back with your sole and then you flick him up with your strong foot

Then you use your knee to get the ball away from the defender And at the last step you use your foot to bring the ball back So thats it for today I hope you enjoyed this tutorial Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date! Up here you can vote which player I should chose next So thanks for watching and hopefully until next time!