Today we are in Mexico with Puma Futbol, ​​to celebrate the launch of the "Delirio" package; and inspired to be in America, I wanted to give you my best three humiliating feints that can be used in situations of match But that alone, if you have temper Go for it Number three is "La Levantadita de Neymar", also called "El Sombrero", and the easiest way to learn # 3 THE HAT this trick, is to start by placing the tips of

# 3 THE HAT your fingers, just behind the ball Then, jump with your non-dominant foot, while you raise the ball with your toes, before extending the dominant foot again, and thus you raise the ball over your head

You've seen this before, but it's still impressive every time Number two does not have a name, but it is a movement for those who try to get in the head # 2 THE PRESUMIDO of his opponents

This trick is all about # 2 THE PRESUMIDO of balance, and spectacularity; and to make it as possible annoyance, seek to stand on the ball, and look up, as if you were looking where are your companions

And when the defender starts running towards you, finish with a small play on the ground And by the way, make sure you use shin guards, because after this move, the chances of it coming

seriously, they are very tall I say nothing more # 1 ARCOIRIS 360 LEVANTADITA The number one is the old "Arcoiris" 360 # 1 ARCOIRIS 360 LITTLE GIRL Now, maybe I'm not the only guy who believes that each trick, at least, is twice as good when you add something to it; and the lift

rainbow is one of those old-school tricks that makes you look like stars every time For some people, the "Rainbow" is one of the first movements they have ever learned, and if you take her to a match situation, you will become a legend, believe me Anyway, that was all for this episode

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on your screen And having said that, I'm leaving Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}