The 5 Most Essential Skills of Street Soccer What a wave guys and girls !! And welcome to Barcelona, ​​where we are here today in the Liga Tango Adidas event Some of the most select teams in Europe are gathered here, to show off his soccer skills in this much desired tournament, and inspired by that, I wanted to give them the 5 Most Effective Skills to do in a short space game

Come on, let's start # 5- THE FALSE BIKE Number five is what I call "THE FALSE BICYCLE" Tap the ball with the inside of your strong leg, and in the same movement, make a bicycle Then, take a step with your weak leg, to make the defense think that you are going in that direction, but you end up running to the other side

The key is to use your whole body, and drop your shoulders when doing the last feints, making it really look like you just made a simple bicycle # 4- THE DOUBLE ROLLING WITH THE SOLE The number four, is "THE DOUBLE ROLLING WITH THE SOLE" This is a great movement for when you're in a very narrow space, and you need to get rid of the defender to pass the ball to a teammate, or even, to shoot a goal Start rolling the ball back with the foot of your strong leg, and pull it fast again, where were you It seems very simple, but it works always, in narrow spaces

Just make sure you use your whole body, to make him really believe that you're about to do one full turn to speed out the other side # 3- THE BEAST WITHOUT A NAME Number three does not really have a name, but it is a great movement to change direction when you stand up against the defender Drag the ball back, and with the inside of your dominant foot, roll it from behind the support leg, and let it go, just to catch it with your non-dominant foot, drag it back, and leave in speed in the opposite direction The idea in this trick, is to make it look like you're losing control of the ball, and you want the Defense will attack you, so make sure you let it go as far as you can, before dragging it back

# 2- THE BICYCLE TRAP The number two is similar to "The False Bicycle" Start by making a bicycle inside, with your non-dominant foot, and tap it in the same direction, with your dominant foot Then, take your foot back in front of you, and tap it in the opposite direction Basically, you're setting a trap, one more time

You make an obvious bicycle, and you even push the ball well, making it look like you're losing control of him Ideally, the defense will reach the ball, and that you take advantage of that, to go to the other side # 1 – THE MATONA And finally, number one is what I like to call "THE MATONA" Basically, it's a mixture of "Roulette of Marseille", made famous by Zinedine Zidane, and the movement of Hocus Pokus, by Ronaldinho

Start by doing the "Roulette", and before touching the floor again, use the same foot to perform immediately an "Akka", behind your leg This trick requires a lot of technique, but if you manage to get it out, the crowd will go crazy Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode, I hope you enjoyed these tricks, and be ready to go to the court and explore all you can do with a ball on your feet Before they leave this episode, be sure to leave a comment in the section below, and tell me what kind of skills you want to learn for the next one here on Unisport WebTv We do many tutorials; you can see more, poking you right down here; if you have enjoyed this type of episodes Be sure to subscribe to our channel, by clicking on the icon above

That's all for today, see you next time Translated by: {- = AvE FéNiX = -}